Snowboarding; Getting Started
Andrew Ching Snowboarding; Getting Started

Ahoy, the winter is upon us and already it is expected to bless us with luscious condition [ ... ]

The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitche...
Alexander Zaitchik The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens

Human rights abuses overseen and committed by a superpower’s agents are ignored while those do [ ... ]

ProFile: DJ Chris Cags of Redbeard Records
Jeffree Benet

DJ Chris Cags has been visiting Prague for a few years now.

Major warning signs of insanity
Think Magazine Illustration by Mark Alan Stamaty.

In a world as crazy as this, the Trumpian era, you have to wonder if you are possibly becoming craz [ ... ]

HIV in Africa and the textbook World Bank response
Keith Kirchner

As our readers know, HIV in Africa is out of control. In some countries infection rates are as high  [ ... ]

Sin & Salvation
Jerome Hutchinson A.K.A Big J the Juicer the one that gets looser Listening to good house music is akin to a religious experience

It's been 40 years since the first identifiable house tracks were put on vinyl; 40 years that have s [ ... ]

Horn-blowin' mad man Maceo Parker
Adam Keane Stern Maceo Parker

Not unlike how a brand name like Xerox now refers to the actual photocopying process, the name Maceo [ ... ]

On Populism and the Corporate Sleight of Hand
Francis Pruett On Populism and the Corporate Sleight of Hand

I am pleased at the results in Netherlands. Really, I am.




Back when the IMF/WB came to Prague, we created a two part programme for TV3. Check it out here.

Name Day/Svatek

Yesterday : Jan Today : Ivan Tomorrow : Adriana After tomorrow : Ladislav

Pink Moon
Keith Kirchner Charlie One, Ohm Square

Co se stane, když smícháš spoustu Jacka Danielse, lehký marlbora a surrealistickou atmosf [ ... ]

New York město měst nebo dobře zvládnutý chaos?...
Pavel Jirat Blesk v New York město

Nevím jak vy, nebyl jsem zdaleka ve všech hlavních či významných městech světa, ale zeptá-l [ ... ]

Styl Kiosk
Anna Koslová Styl Kiosk

Styl novinky a další ...

Chceme znát!?

Mám ráda takové ty sobce, co si berou do úst Hesseho a interpretac&iacut [ ... ]

Michael KyselkaHellboy

Hlavní charakter Mika Mignoly měří sedm stop, je krvavě rudý a má zah [ ... ]

Vizuální verbalizace Roberta Williamse
Steven Cerio Self-Portrait with Extraneous figments 1997 Oil on canvas 30 x 36 Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York

Dámy, ostré sváry a silná auta...

DAVID MATÁSEK: Z Orlíku přes Národní do Divadla K...
Michael Kyselka DAVID MATÁSEK

"A cejchem mu vypálili na čelo nesmazatelné znamení  [ ... ]

Zapomeňte na Futuramu!
Joe Bodia Zapomeňte na Futuramu!

Myslíte, že se musíte nechat hluboce zmrazit, abyste se probudili do budoucnosti plné technický [ ... ]

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