My Soul Desired Beer
Motteleh What Jerusalem does is, for some reason, to amplify desire.

There is a recognised condition known as Jerusalem Syndrome, a syndrome unique in the annals of psyc [ ... ]

A World of Toilets
Jean Paetkau Toilets in Europe

While living in Canada there were two places I went only under duress: church and public toilets. Wi [ ... ]

Czech Supermarket Dementia
J. Hurewitz Shopping in Tesco is crazy

Forget the burdens and complications of career, lovers, family, bills, friends, and all the other fa [ ... ]

LLAMA FARMERS - Dead Letter Chorus (Beggars Banque...
Keith Kirchner LLAMA FARMERS - Dead Letter Chorus

It's tough being young...

Oh yeah, theatre...
Christopher Lord Misery Loves Company logo Prague

Since the Velvet Revolution, Prague has seen a steady growth of English language theatre shows. Not  [ ... ]

Let the Kazoos Sound: A Decade of English Language...
Alexander Zaitchik English Language Press in Prague

It used to be said that you couldn’t swing a dead cat in Old Town without knocking ov [ ... ]

FEMINISM: Myth v. Reality
Missed Manners FEMINISM: Myth v. Reality

Well, it's time for another instalment of know-it-all answers to questions nobody asked.  [ ... ]

Head-Butting for Pleasure and Profit
The Gorskys Head-Butting by Lee Cox

Head-butting is a much forgotten art. There's a reason for this: it kills brain cells faster than Mi [ ... ]




Back when the IMF/WB came to Prague, we created a two part programme for TV3. Check it out here.

Name Day/Svatek

Yesterday : Filip Today : Valdemar Tomorrow : Vilém After tomorrow : Maxmilián

Ewan McGregor - Herec, který hraje
Graham Fuller Ewan McGregor

Během dvou let poté, kdy Ewan McGregor ztělesnil v Trainspottingu na heroinu závislého hrdinu-a [ ... ]

Kia Motors: Kia Dubstep Soutěž
Joe Bodia

Kia dubstep contest Mini auto je o to šílenství ve světě paliva a sportovním ž [ ... ]

ANDY SMITH - The Document
Keith Kirchner ANDY SMITH - The Document

Co mě nejvíc bere na albu „The Document” DJe Andyho Smithe z Portishead, nejšílenějšího m [ ... ]

MARK HOLLIS - Mark Hollis
MARK HOLLIS - Mark Hollis

Toto zcela akusticky nahrané album od bývalého zpěváka Talk Talk je dalece vzdáleno od elektro [ ... ]

Czechia Snowboarding; Hit The Slopes - Pokořte sva...
Jeffree Benet

Think vám doporučuje promrznout až na kost a nechat se obalit spoustou sněhu. U [ ... ]

Humana People to People Movement
Marie Sommerová Humana People to People Movement

Mezinárodní organizace Humana People to People Movement byla založena v říjnu r. 1998.  [ ... ]

New Orleans, been there, done that (byl jsem tam a...
Petra Šedinová Wendy Mucha v New Orleansu (Foto: Jeffree Benet)

Tajemné město, o kterém je řeč, se půvabně vlní do tvaru srpečku (odtud je jedna z přezdí [ ... ]

Viva la Mexico!
Pavel Jirat

Tak jsem se zase jednou vrátil ze země „machos“ a tekily. Tenhle rok jsme se rozhodli jet až  [ ... ]

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