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Think Prague #4 cover
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Think Prague #4 cover

ABOUT THE COVER: Jeffree: "My introduction to Czech winter nightclubbing coincided with the Grand Opening of Fromin. It was the event of the winter season and it sure seemed like a huge queue as we waited in the line to be let in. "Too full " the meat-head doorman admonished, but going in chilled and damp half an hour later into an empty and lifeless night-club cursed them until they went out of business. A New Yorker'ish snob looks skyward and in the New Yorker font it says; Prague Ain't New York"

Crash Impulse - Maybe Next Time (EN)

Jumping Through the Hoops - Getting Married in the Czechlands (EN)

Who's the King? An interview with Planet Alfa's Christof Klug (EN)

What is that black stuff in your nose? A look at Prague's Air Quality (EN)

Americanism by Jean-Paul Sartre (EN)

The Czech Tribes (EN)

humanifesto (EN)

This time it's personal (EN)

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