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Think Again cover issue 38
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Think Again cover issue 38

Music Mayhem
Spring in Prague is a wondrous time of beautiful days, beautiful people, music, shows, conventions, festivals, and a whole lot more. This particular winter wasn’t the coldest or the darkest in history, but it’s nevertheless a nice feeling to feel the days grow warmer, watch the colors return all around us, and feel the rhythm of life start to pick up again. If you’re finding it difficult to keep track of which music festivals and events are taking place where and when, you’ve got a great guide right here in your hands. Cobra Killer, John B, Tiger Lillies, Stereo Total, Kids on TV, Client, Namosh, and a whole host of others are right around the proverbial corner! Aside from music, you’ll also have a chance to catch events like the Tattoo Convention, the Fringe festival, the Blatt Festival, and the Crocs fashion show. As always, we’ve also got our thoughts on restaurants (service included), movies, books, poker, art, and so on, so get reading and make those grey days of yore a distant memory!

Spring issue:

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