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What on earth is going on?
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"All political parties die at last of swallowing their own lies." - John Arbuthnot

What on earth is going on? The race for the top management position of the planet is going on again (Not to forget the Olympics is coming up soon), and I am remembering on my fourth anniversary in Prague, why it seemed like a good idea.

At the same time I can understand the rigor, somehow, of holding that position. It's the first time I think I have aged less gracefully than the dude who just spent 4 years in the 'white' house.

Speaking of color, how 'bout those 4 peace officers in New York who shot an unarmed black guy 41 times (only hit him 19 times, was there some smoke or obstacle), and since they couldn't tell which bullet killed him let them all go free? No riot in NYC, does that mean that some folks might be afraid of the cops, or are they more sensible? 

Give Ronald Reagan more credit than the poser wannabe McCain (or for that matter, Clintonius), at least Mr. Raygun had the kahunas to have an opinion on weapons of mass destruction. 

Almost all the treaties signed over the last 30 years are being eroded, and there is still serious talk of 'Star Wars' style missile-defense systems. All without public debate, or any comment from our so called representatives, or media jumble. It should have been the first order of business when Clinton met Putin, and the people should have been informed of that discussion. 

More and more, it seems like the limits of human interest are bound by their self obsessed perceived problems and dramas, to the point that it has become an excuse. 

They talked about a fire wall to stop the momentum of McCains Prez bid in Michigan, it only took an apathy wall in Washington state to finish that bid. Funny that the land of Microsoft™ and the info age blather had little or no interest in such terrestrial matters. There are still thousands of warheads either on alert, or bleeding their nuclear 'payloads' all over rural Russia at the moment, and there is a build-up in China. 

The refrain 'We can do business with this man," keeps rolling through my head as I imagine the rhetorical genius in his underwear practicing his Bogart in front of a full length mirror. "Oh, hi Hillary! Did you know I've been offered an endorsement contract from Calvin Klein when I'm done here?"

Hillary the Gutless didn't even make any statement about the Police acquittal. I'm trying to remember the last time Clinton stood for anything, and the last time anything that I saw a human do gave me inspiration or made me proud.

I'm trying to trust people who walk around all day in suits and ties, their motives, their intent, even my friends. I'm trying to imagine 20 years after Ronald Reagan and The Day After being any less intimidated by human contempt for one another, and the faith put into the hands; those unknown hands on the Nuke triggers. 

And the only thing that that's changed is my ability to put my petty problems more effectively in front of these things to brace myself for the humility of denial. When I was young they told me I could become president someday, as if it was something to strive for. 

Can they do business with you?

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