Everything I need to know I learned from Microsoft.

Microsoft should be replaced completely
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And it's not 'eat your carrots'.

1. An internet browser is an integral part of an operating system.
Ignore the naysayers. Ignore those who point out that web browsers are packaged and sold separately. Ignore the fact that hundreds of successful operating systems have been designed over the past forty plus years, all lacking a browser.

And to those collegiate-types in their ivory tower pontircating that no OS textbook ever mentioned web browsers obviously have failed to read Windows for Dummies - a derivative work, to say the least.

2. Mantracized propoganda is more true than the truth.
Say loudly: "What's good for Microsoft is good for the consumer." Repeat often.

3. Ignore those who disagree.
They are obviously idiots. Federal judges, the Department of Justice, Harvard Computer Science professors: what the hell could they know about anti-trust law or the internet?

4. Quality is Job Two.
It would be Job One if the Marketing Department would scale back their budget.

5. When in doubt, create doubt. 
The internet, object-oriented programming and graphical user interfaces posed serious marketing hurdles to Microsoft. The solution is obvious: belittle them as silly and trendy, and later embrace and dominate all of them. Moral of the story? It certainly isn't apologizing for your mistakes.

6. Trust no one.

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