Hapu is for friends!

Hapu bar in Prague 3
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Hapu (New Zealand Maori word meaning "friends") is a cozy little underground joint in Jiřího z Poděbrad with good lighting and a lighthearted atmosphere.

The thing that distinguishes this Czech pub from the rest of the pack, is its wide assortment of unique mixed drinks and cocktails, poured extremely generously by the owner and bartender Martin.

In addition to getting large drinks for little money. The drinks are made with FRESH juice! Martin and his wife Misa lovingly squeeze every lemon, lime, and orange with panache, creating a taste bud overload for all those who partake.

This cozy cocktail lounge is worth searching out if you are in the Prague 3 area, because it's relaxed, comfortable, and the drinks are just that damn good.

The Caribbean Cruise takes you straight to the islands, complete with the watermelon and kiwi, and the tequila poppers add a nice jolt to the overall effect. I shied away from some of the other, scarier selections, such as "Alien Secretion" and "Flying Kangaroo", but if you're a serious booze hound, give 'em a sniff.

The music is good, the wait staff friendly but not in your face, and the crowd is a very chill mix of Czechs and ex-pats. Opened for the first time on New Year's Eve, the interior and facade are still unfinished, but with the Maggie, Sandra, and Dean design team, this bar is sure to be something special. 

With nearly 100 different alcohols, Martin works with the glee of a mad scientist mixing his own long and tall concoctions artfully garnished with tropical fruits (kumquat!) and serves the best martinis to be had in Prague (in martini glasses).

Misa serves up tempting toasties and fresh fruit smoothies to die for. Hapu is true to its name; the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere is free of any pretensions you might expect in a place started by ex-Radosters. GO!!!

Only 5 minutes from IP Pavlova on tram 11 to Radhostska then backtrack to Orlická, turn right and look for the "open" sign almost at the second corner. There you'll find generously poured drinks and genuine hospitality that makes you feel at home.

Open Mon-Sat from 6pm to 2am

Reason to go: Caribbean Cruise, seriously.

- Hapu is recorded closed at this location. Address: Orlická 2012/8, Praha 3, tel: 02/2272 0158, Metro: Jiřího z Poděbrad, Tram 11
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