Cloud 9 sky bar & lounge's Charisma cocktail
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The bar where the famous Charisma cocktail was created, perfect for NYE!

The Charisma cocktail was created by Roman Uhlíř Master Bartender as a signature drink for Cloud 9 sky bar & lounge in 2008. 

The history of this drink dates back to 1999 when Roman, who is also Cloud 9’s mixologist, was approached by Absolut to create a character cocktail for Jan Saudek (famous Czech photographer – i.e Time Magazine) as part of their Absolut Original Collection. 

After 10 years Roman changed the recipe slightly by adjusting the ratios of the ingredients, the garnish used and the method of drinking the cocktail.  The result is the best drinking experience we offer today.

Glass: V-shape
Method: Mixing glass

2 cl Absolut Peppar
2 cl Melon Liqueur
0,25 cl Angostura Bitter
4 cl Cranberry Juice

Garnish: Strawberry, basil leaf, chili pepper

Put the ice cubes together with ingredients into the mixing glass. Stir well and strain to the chilled V-shape glass. Garnish and serve.

How to drink Charisma? 

Step 1: First, close your eyes. Smell and try to think about the most beautiful evening that you have experienced or want to experience.

Step 2: Sniff and then sip.  Think only of the basic flavors: sweet, bitter & spicy.

Step 3: Rub the edge of the glass with the chili pepper, and then drink.  Feel the slightly burning sensation on your lips with the sweet-bitter taste of the cranberry-basil finish.

Step 4: Repeat step number 3 with the strawberry.  The combination of strawberries and chili pepper on the rim has an aphrodisiac effect that will only  become stronger the more you drink.

Step 5: If you order a second Charisma we definitely recommend biting into the chili pepper and then chasing it with the cocktail.  We guarantee, you will be more charismatic through the rest of the night.

Cloud 9 sky bar & lounge

Cloud 9 sky bar & lounge on the rooftop of the Hilton Prague is the first true sky bar in Prague.  The bar is perfectly designed for every guest of to enjoy captivating views over the city from the height of 40 meters above the river Vltava, both from behind the all-glass walls or from the outside terrace. Come taste some of the original signature cocktails created by Roman Uhlíř, one of the best Czech bartenders, as well as an innovative food concept.

  • Signature cocktails by the award-winning bartender and mixologist Roman Uhlíř and his team
  • Unique “grazing” food concept  - ultimate sampling experience perfect  for sharing the joys of gourmet meals with friends
  • Cloud 9 Charisma Barrel Whisky
  • Interior by renowned Irish designer Philip Rodgers
  • Member of the “Czech Bartenders Association”

Cloud 9 sky bar & lounge hosts of the “World Cocktail Championship” and International Bartenders Association's Annual Meetings in Prague, so you know their barmen known their stuff

Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge
News Desk Cloud 9 sky bar & lounge's Charisma cocktail

The bar where the famous Charisma cocktail was created, perfect for NYE!

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