Getting lost in Prague; from Malé náměstí to Betlemské náměstí The narrow, winding streets of Prague become even more confusing when you add alcohol, but with the abundance of great pubs, it makes no matter, just let Luke Salkeld show you the way! ...

Kilo Lounge Singapore
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"Why are you the hungry bunny? I've been asked this question too many times. Guys, I'm getting quite sick of having to keep repeating my answer, so let me just do it here once and for all...

First off, I’m the hungry bunny simply because I am hungry. I hunger for plenty of things, be it food, love, adventure and so on. Some of you might think I’m a wild child, some might bitch to their colleagues about the glutton that I sound like.

Darling, you’re far from the truth. I’m THE hungry bunny because I’m smart, sassy and I love a good meal and lots of eye candy. Hey, it’s only natural for us chicks to want to ‘feed’ on hunks so don’t you dare start judging me.

I’ve bared my soul, let you in on my love life or the lack of it, the good eats around the city and my occasional misfortunes. So, having read my culinary escapades for over a year, do you think you have any idea about the person I am? I guess not. At least Josh didn’t. 

Well Josh works at a gym in town and it just so happens that I go there and please don’t ask me how, but he knows that I’m the Hungry Bunny. I do highly suspect that someone revealed my identity but anyway that’s not the point. 

Josh was a regular at the gym and there were instances where I felt he was checking me out. How do I know? Because it’s so freaking obvious how he scrutinizes my body when he strides towards my direction to use the treadmill. 

Anyway, I’ll cut the story short; just last Friday, after having finished my workout, Josh approached me and asked me out for dinner. Okay I know I shouldn’t have said yes right away, but hey, I was famished after my workout so how could I say no to a free meal? 

He brought me to Kilo Lounge, this lovely loft-like restaurant/bar that looked oh-so-chic. You might remember their last location, which they were booted from because the venue was not approved for the parties. I loved the simple rough décor and the beautiful black and white vibe. It looked rather raw and I liked that it was rather cosy and I loved the funky industrial lights above the bar. 

At first the food board looked like a joke, the selection not so large, but I was starving, and being the fickle diner that I am, left it all to Josh to order for me. 

I guess the food was some kind of nod to hipster fare everywhere. The only really tasty dish seemed to be a pork noodle dish cleverly titled "Ang moh bakchor mee".

Real ang mo in the kitchenReal ang mo in the kitchen

This light and tasty dish came with a ginger tinged sauce that accentuated the delicate taste of the pork. Next was the main courses, if you could call them that... he had a NY Frank (hotdog) with sauerkraut while I was brought a huge BBQ pulled pork sandwich, and a basket of fries for us to share. 

The food was simple, but so good that I hardly had time to actually make conversation with Josh. I don’t think he would have mind anyway, since he was busy talking to the waiter serving us.

Apparently the waiter looked like one of his close friends. Well I couldn’t care for the lack of attention because honestly, the food was the highlight of the evening. Especially since the main course was a humble sandwich which tasted better than even a Chilean seabass wrapped with potato capellini with a truffle butter sauce could.

The pork was tender and the succulence was an experience in itself. I could feel the meat ‘melting’ away in my mouth. Tasted like a piece of heaven, what with the sauce and all. 

And if you think that was the end, you’re so wrong. Drinks were the best part. I tried A Sure Thing cocktai, made withl homemade vanilla infused vodka, cucumbers, mint and lime. It’s quite an acquired taste. But I love vanilla so this one was delicious to me. 

I’ve never vanilla and mint before but I do like what I tasted this time. It you think that was unique, wait till you hear of the Spiced Apple Martini I decided to try. Served in a cool glass, it's made of apple cinnamon infused bourbon, lime juice and egg whites. Who would have thought egg whites could complement a dessert? Well I didn’t think so, but the barman managed to pull it off. It wasn’t too overpowering; I could taste a slight tinge of spiciness but the sweet overture managed to make the marriage of creamy egg whites work. 

In case you were wondering what happened to Josh, well it turned out that he only needed someone to accompany him for dinner. Because soon enough, after I cleared my last sip, he paid and then scooted off to the next-door-club called Happy. He didn’t find happiness with me I suppose so perhaps he would be lucky there. Not that I care. I’m just glad I had such a good meal at his expense. 

- Kilo Lounge, Address: 21 Tanjong Pagar Rd, #02-01, Singapore 088444 (Entrance on Murray Street) MRT: Tanjong Pagar/Outram Park Bus: 080, 145 Taxi: Taxi Stand E38, Tanjong Pagar,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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