A visit to The Ucho Bolevecká is the name of the residence hall where I live. The bar inside is known as The Ucho. Ucho means ear. I don't know why the Czechs would name a bar The Ear. The Throat, Liver, or Urinary Tract would seem a more likely choice... ...

Scene from Particles
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Part condemnation of a failing global economic system and part meditation on the deteriorating human condition, /dvac/particles.999/ddlrr is a bold, harrowing vision from 18-year-old Kazakhstani director Gtron Sistem. 

A hardcore underground independent attack at professional science, global corporatism and the complete lack of human organization in the face of the immediate threat of biological weapons, which are being ignored and could easily cause your death at anytime now. 

This documentary is an abstract phlosophical criticism of global corporate ideology, professional science, and biological engineering.

  • Writer/Director: Gtron Sistem from Kazakhstan
  • Producers: Gerard Whelan (Canada), Zuzana Lanska (Czech Republic)

This is the true story of an out-of-work biological weapons scientist, who knows "more than any man should know", living in Holesevice, Czech Republic. Under the duress of this knowledge and the people after this knowledge, coupled with his new found sense of responsibility after having a son, as well as being under the influence of "possibly tampered with" hydroponic marijuana, he developed Acute Paranoid Schizophrenia and eventually performed a pre-frontal lobotomy on himself, by injecting alcohol into his own forebrain. He now resides at Bohnice Asylum, outside of Prague.

THINK: So this is a pretty interesting piece of work, can we...

GTRON:  Can we talk about that thing later? I have a question: Why is Brazil attempting to cut down all those trees now?*

After people expressing so much concern for years, they are about to cut an area the size of Portugal four times over? How does this sh*t keep happening?

You all talk sh*t, but you don't do sh*t... you humans are so stupid.

THINK: You're not a human, you're above us?

GTRON:  Well I'm human born, but not proud of it, and ashamed to be one of you... I mean, those are humans aren't they that cut off children's hands in Sierra Leone? And that prostitute 12 year-olds for food in Siberia? Did you watch this 'movie' I made?

THINK: Yes, I did, and I think you're ahead of your time...

GTRON:  No, I'm almost too late.

THINK: But in terms of people knowing what you're doing...

GTRON:  I don't even know what I'm doing until after it's done, well, I mean the repercussions...

THINK: Like how you have a movie that trashes the system, being hosted by the system?

GTRON: And being reviewed by the biggest journal in that system - but nobody REALLY cares about anything

THINK: We're not that big...

GTRON:  Wired August 2000 check it out.

Scene from: /dvac/particles.999/ddlrrScene from: /dvac/particles.999/ddlrr

THINK: How did they hear about you?

GTRON:  I wrote them an intelligent critique/letter about an article in their May issue that was totally insane, and science was making like what they were up to was ok, going for that f*cking grant money, instead of trying to help someone... everyone sucks... are there no heroes?

THINK: I read that you said Noam Chomsky was your hero

GTRON:  No, I said he was my virtual mentor - heroes are the guys who succeed in driving the people to action and belief.

THINK: Do you think your movie will drive people to action?

GTRON:  Humans are too stupid to save themselves... they're too worried about their own backyards as you say in AmeriKKKA... I would love it if my frustrated energy would be reciprocated by some action by enough people to do better in the world, but it's a giant circle-jerk and the corporations and existing 'powers' are squirting in everyone else's faces: you are all lying to yourselves.

THINK: Let's get back to the movie...

GTRON:  I'm talking about the movie!

THINK: I mean less philosophy, more production... it seems to look different depending where you watch it.

GTRON:  We were in love with the low-grade images that streamed media online suffers from in this early stage, and so we went back into the studio and layered the sh*t out of it (plus some other things) so now everyone sees something slightly different - and depending on the real player options, you can even turn it into animation on some machines.

THINK: So you are a little ahead of the curve?

GTRON:  We didn't even try yet... last year this thing was supposed to be featured at KV filmfest, but they said I was too nuts and a whole year later(!) it finally gets noticed, and I can be in their environment... We're looking at sh*t now that will totally change the face of new media.

THINK: Who's we?

GTRON:  There's a little crew of us, and we're cooking some sh*t up, very talented people, nice people, thinkers.

THINK: So Biological weapons, it's all true?

GTRON: We're already dead - look can you guys do something good? Like make a deposit to the spirit of man? Cut the interview here, people can watch it if they want:

But could you print this letter that originated in South America (below)? or send it out to your mail list? F*ck man, enough thinking, let's just try to save the planet before those f*cks kill us off! People, DO something!!!

*Brazilian congress is now voting on a project that will reduce the amazon forest to 50% of its size. The area to be deforested is 4 times the size of Portugal and would be mainly used for agriculture and pastures for live stock... All the wood is to be sold to international markets in the form of wood chips, by multinational companies...

The truth is that the soil in the amazon forest is useless without the forest itself. Its quality is very acidic and the region is prone to constant floods. At this time more than 160.000 square kilometers deforested with the same purpose, are abandoned and in the process of becoming deserts..

We cannot let this happen. Copy this text into an email, put your complete name to start the list, and send to everyone you know.


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There are around 7,500,000,000 humans on this planet.

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Our Mission

1. To make you think
If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you. If you really make them think, they'll hate you.
2. To tell the world the truth
When you only tell the truth, you start earning trust, as journalists, our mission is to tell the truth.
3. To make you laugh
We want to make you laugh, chuckle, smirk, grin or smile as we try to find the upside of life in the face of all the evil around us.

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