Evolve Yourself with Photo Optical Entrainment Glasses

Evolve Yourself with Photo Optical Entrainment Glasses
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Dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs on our planet seems to plague us all to a certain degree.

The idea that this is the way things are, have been and will be, leaves room for little more than helplessness. Our society, being a reflection of us as individuals, has little hope for improvement if we continue harboring such ideas.

Personally seeking the light is the way to illuminate the world. Enlightenment is something that appears reserved for religious fanatics, gurus on mountain tops and people with super natural self-discipline in general. It is easy to understand why people seek solace in the arms of materialism, drugs, alcohol and things that provide prompt gratification.

Technologically, man has been advancing at a rapid pace, and leaving his spiritual development behind. This unbalance is finally being addressed by the makers of, you guessed it; technology. Using the latest scientific discoveries to aid people in the search for self-actualization, they drink techno-meditate in the new discipline of Sensory Stimulation.

Sensory Stimulation comes in many forms, (control yourselves please), but the easiest uses what appears to be a very ordinary pair of sunglasses, but in actuality are a highly sophisticated piece of equipment. On the inside of the lens are red L.E.D. lights, which pulsate at a very precise frequency regulated by a computer.

the voyager by theta technologiesthe voyager by theta technologiesOne of the better models is Mindplace Procyon AVS System Light and Sound Meditation Mind Machine, popular because of its effectiveness and results, but there are a lot of other good machines out there, many of which can be mail ordered.

The lower the price, the more basic the features, with the more sophisticated models being programmable, although programmability is useless if you don’t fully comprehend brain wave activity.

The lights will flash at different speeds within a given program to derive different effects on your mind.

Years of biofeedback research (measuring physical/brain responses to stimuli) have gone into finding exactly how the brain will respond to any given frequency. This is a principle that shamans have understood for thousands of years. The flashing of the L.E.D. lights is similar in many ways to the flickering of fire that induces an alpha state.

The shaman always incorporated fire as part of their ceremonies as a means to entrance the audience, thus making them more susceptible to their magic. The states of consciousness in descending order are:

BETA: normal state of conscious awareness

ALPHA: slightly slower brain activity, more prone to learning and remembering

THETA: slow state of brain activity, creativity, and in the lowest ranges, dreams occur

DELTA: slowest state of brain activity, dreamless stage, where rejuvenating deep sleep occurs. The process is officially called Photo Optical Entrainment, where the brain will operate at the same frequency that is being perceived by the eyes. Thus by programming the glasses, the individual is guided through a series of frequency patterns that can induce a state of DELTA consciousness. What this means is far more than a simple cure for insomnia.

In just one thirty minute session with the glasses, people will be able to attain a state that was previously only attainable through years of mastering meditative techniques. Problem solving, stress release and heightened self-awareness are but a few of the tasks one can accomplish in this state of consciousness.

And this technology is only progressing, with the focus of current research dealing with exciting brain activity to hyper-states, where electrodes are used to introduce high-frequency electrical signals to the brain, in a never ending quest to find the untapped potential of the human mind.

In fact, such a large percentage of the human mind lies dormant, that it is quite conceivable that many of the psychic abilities which serve so well as themes for science fiction entertainment could be uncovered through this particular research. The method being used is called Cranial Electrical Stimulation, and as you read this, radical experimentation is being conducted.

One subject who experienced it commented “There is so much people need to deal with in straightening out their lower brain states, that I think this aspect is best left for its proper time. Building or rebuilding one’s mind is similar to a house, in that one must start at the foundation and work up. I strongly believe that this area of research will unveil the hidden secrets of the human brain in our lifetime.”

The glasses also represent a viable risk-free alternative to the ever fashionable ‘mind expanding drugs’ scene. BETA endorphins and seratonin are two chemicals the brain releases in naturally controlled amounts during this optical stimulation, they are also two of the chemicals present in dangerously uncontrolled levels during hallucinogenic drug trips such as LSD and psilocybin (mushrooms).

The glasses offer a heightened state of awareness, a means of overcoming insecurities, put one at ease in social situations, which all could be sales pitch for MDMA. All the mind expansion you could want and you’re in charge, without being at the mercy of drugs and their side affects (when they occur).

It is a logical progression for the new generation to embrace and master these new forms of technology, as we have grown up with their predecessors all around us; strobe lights being the perfect example.

They are a form of photo optical stimulation, as are fast-flash MTV style videos that work a hypnotic charm on large audiences. From rock concerts to nightclubs, strobe lights have been a subtle yet effective means of creating certain elevated moods amongst gatherings of people. The glasses are just a highly advanced and personalized version of them. Something you have always enjoyed that’s good for you.

And as a generation, we are being left with some exceptionally difficult problems to solve. Problems and issues that will require the sharpest thinkers in the history of the world to solve, and the cooperation of everybody. Unity is going to be a key factor in our survival as a species. It has become a popular theme in the House Nation, in music, art, and even business.

Being that our leaders are more concerned with the war on drugs or war on other nations, instead of waging war on things such as the decline of the human condition or racism (which would probably solve the previously mentioned wars), we must rise up to take control of our own fate.

The first step must be personal awareness of our strengths and weaknesses and using every means possible to improve both of them. The glasses and similar technologies are just some of the tools that can make this process easier than has ever been possible.

When, and if, this has been accomplished, we will be able to live in the harmony necessary to create a new and better world.

This is not a fictional story. Our time to evolve has come, seek others with the desire, use the tools and we shall all prosper!

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