Oh yeah, theatre... Since the Velvet Revolution, Prague has seen a steady growth of English language theatre shows. Not tourist trap productions, that is, but performances aimed at the expat community. ...

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Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways to soothe, relax, and even provide important health benefits.

Generally, essential oils have specific applications that work to directly affect certain symptoms, but most have multiple properties – meaning they can offer benefits on a number of levels.

The health benefits of essential oils can provide you with an alternative to pharmacological treatments, so you can avoid any unpleasant side effects that might go along with taking a pill or applying a medicated ointment. Instead, you can experience a more natural kind of relief, thanks to the benefits of essential oils.

There are many ways essential oils can help improve your physical and mental health. Choose an oil that will address some of your personal health concerns, and use it however you like. You can apply it directly to your skin by diluting it with water or a carrier oil like coconut oil.

Also, you can put it on a warm washcloth and hold it over your face to inhale it. Lastly, you can add a few drops to a diffuser (standalone or within a steam shower) and let the scent wash over the entire room.

Essential oils can provide pain relief.

Oils that contain chemicals that provide analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects can be used to relieve chronic pain symptoms associated with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, back injuries or muscle sprains, and even nerve damage. Particularly effective for pain relief are ginger, turmeric, frankincense, myrrh, and citrus oils like lemon or orange.

These can also help provide soothing relief to help you sleep better, which will also work to lessen your pain and improve your overall health. For direct results, apply these oils topically to the areas where you feel pain, but you can also enjoy health benefits just by diffusing them or inhaling them throughout the day.

Essential oils affect your emotional centre.

Your sense of smell is directly linked to the part of your brain that affects your emotions. By providing stimulation to your amygdala, you can encourage your brain to release emotional trauma and clear out some of your unpleasant thoughts and feelings – just by inhaling the right scent.

Many mental health issues like depression and panic attacks can originate from suppressed memories and emotions, and essential oils can help you deal with those and release them in a heathy way.

Try using basil, chamomile, cedar wood, bergamot, or lavender to access some of these important health benefits and enjoy a more positive state of mind.

Essential oils help support healthy digestion.

Even if you stick to a healthy diet, chances are you’re occasionally eating and drinking things that can be hard on your insides. Stress can also make a big impact on your overall gut health, but you can avoid doing further damage and even help your digestive system heal through essential oils. Using certain oils, you can help balance the microbes in the gut to ensure that you have healthy bacteria that are functioning efficiently.

Use caraway, lavender, peppermint, ginger, and citrus oils to help promote healing and encourage a generally healthier digestive system.

Essential oils can stimulate your immune system.

The health benefits of essential oils don’t just address current health concerns – using these oils can actually help protect your body from cold and flu infections by boosting your immune system. Oils like pine needle, sandalwood, tea tree, thyme, peppermint, and lemon can work to increase activity in your immune system, alleviating stress, and even controlling the hormones released by your adrenal system.

Combined, these health benefits can protect your immune system throughout the year, ensuring your lasting health and well-being even when those around you are falling prey to cold and flu season.

Essential oils boost brain function.

Many oils help contribute to increased cellular activity, but there are some oils that can specifically benefit your brain. Essential oils can be used to improve focus, eliminate potential distraction, and even stimulate memory and cognition – even just with a quick inhale.

Sesquiterpenes is a natural compound that makes up certain oils like patchouli, cedar wood, frankincense, and sandalwood, and can increase the level of oxygen in your brain by almost 30 per cent.

Knock out your brain fog for good by using these oils before tackling a big project or making an important decision to keep a clear mind and feel confident.

Essential oils can be enjoyed using steam showers and other means. No matter how you decide to enjoy essential oils, you are sure to feel the impact of the valuable health benefits that essential oils can provide.

Make sure to purchase therapeutic-grade oils to achieve the maximum benefits – you want to use oils that are as pure and medicinal as possible.

If your ongoing health concerns don’t improve with the use of essential oils, you might need to contact a health care professional and see how to adjust your treatment plan.

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