Bottoms up!

Platform lifted shoes from Taming of the Shoe
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Mama never wore shoes like these…

The hotter the weather, the shorter the skirts and the taller the shoes… so many to choose from and it only takes a while to learn the fierce stilt walk. Here's some of our favorites from Tunel Shoes.

Swear™ CreeperSwear™ Creeper
Swear™ Creeper

Sonax™ SlingbackSonax™ Slingback
Sonax™ Slingback

Sonax™ highriserSonax™ highriser
Sonax™ highriser

Swear™ rubber soulSwear™ rubber soul
Swear™ rubber soul

Sonax™ natural leather muleSonax™ natural leather mule

Sonax™ natural leather mule

Melita London™ cork bottom liftsMelita London™ cork bottom lifts
Melita London™ cork bottom lifts

Red or Dead™ foam wrigletRed or Dead™ foam wriglet
Red or Dead™ foam wriglet

Shelly's London™ patent leather liftsShelly's London™ patent leather lifts
Shelly's London™ patent leather lifts

Shelly's London™ slingback slatShelly's London™ slingback slat
Shelly's London™ slingback slat

Stride™ StealthStride™ Stealth
Stride™ Stealth

Votum™ leather bootVotum™ leather boot
Votum™ leather boot

Sonax™ sandel liftSonax™ sandel lift
Sonax™ sandel lift

- Shoes from TUNEL Shoes in Prague, Photos by Jeffree Benet, Custom platform in main image by Albert @ Taming of the Shoe in San Francisco
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