How the Russian Dead Hand System works (or, Putin's last laugh?)

How the Russian Dead Hand System works
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Have you ever noticed that the Russian President for life Vladamír Putin walks around with a swagger like he will have the last laugh on us all?

The reason for this could be that we will all die when he dies.

I know this sounds a little bit crazy, like, tinfoil hat crazy, but hear me out...

Three things in recent history observed by myself and others would be easily explained by this theory. Firstly, exactly why does the "so-called" President, Donald Trump, go so far out of his way to appease and praise the Russian president?

Could it be that he knows that we're all doomed, and he's got just a short time to get him and his selectmen to safety... that President Putin plans the ultimate f-u to the world that has dared to mock him?

I say this, because before the election, there was an interview with former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, in which he warned that the "world is at a dangerous point", and worries about Putin "being provoked" into killing us all.

The man seems seriously worried about what comes next, and he's not alone.

Many of the inner circle in the Kremlin are rumoured to joke that "Putin's feet keep the world turning", like a soccer ball that only spins as long as one man's feet keep it in play.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But think about it. Here is a man, shorter in stature than most men, who grew up in the ruins of a Nazi destroyed city, psychologically scarred by the horrors of that war, who, by hook and crook, rises up to power, in charge of one of the largest stockpiles of atomic weapons the world has ever seen.

Along the way, many have questioned his fitness, challenged his criminal activities, and have been brutally murdered. We know he lies without flinching and is completely ruthless and has had no qualms about the total annihilation of his enemies, as seen by the complete devastation he has visited upon Chechnya and Syria.

And all this from a man a former police chief who worked with him in St Petersburg in the 1990s said. "I thought he was just an insignificant official at the time."  As you know, underestimating "Vova" can be lethal to your health.

Putin, like most Russians, grew up in a culture forged during the Mongolian conquests, conquests that killed 2.5% of the world's population.

Often, when a Khan would die, his heirs would liquidated entire regions or cultures in their honour. Ghengis Khan's own burial party was liquidated, but this is nothing compared to what could happen with President Putin's departure from this mortal coil.

I've spoken with friends about this theory, and they all to a person think... "well, maybe he has ordered such an attack on the world, but whoever would have to push the button to launch the missiles wouldn't do it after he passed on".

But what if that system was automated?

The Soviets, in a sick attempt to get the last laugh in, designed a system that will launch their nukes even if they themselves are destroyed before giving the command. Its called the "Russian Dead Hand" system, a dead man's switch that, in a nutshell, works like this;

While the US has to give the command TO launch their nukes, the Russians daily send out a command to NOT launch their nukes. God forbid, should that signal not come in, then it is assumed that the Kremlin is destroyed and retaliation is launched.

Many observers think that UVB-76, also known as "the Buzzer", is the signal that keeps the nukes from launching. The Buzzer is a nickname given by radio listeners to a shortwave radio station that broadcasts on the frequency 4625kHz. It broadcasts a short, monotonous buzz tone, repeating at a rate of approximately 25 tones per minute, 24 hours per day.

Below is a rough diagram I made back in the day when studying the Russian Dead Hand system, explaining how the mechanics of it works. How hard would it be for a man with unlimited power in a totalitarian state, to rig this system to be automated, to give the command to launch when, say, a google search algorithm shows "Putin dead" as a trending keyword?

These indeed, are crazy times we live in... for one psychologically damaged megalomaniacal individual with unlimited access to a large nuclear arsenal, to arrange for the mass sacrifice of the earth's population upon his own passing, is not so far fetched as it seems, and even if not arranged, just the rumour of its being a possibility would be enough to keep one's minions and America's first Orange president kissing his heiny until the end of the world.

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