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Sweet beats and sour notes...

Meshell Ndegeocello
Peace Beyond Passion (Maverick)

What da hell is dat? Why do I have to hear all dat acidjazz shit all the time?

Most of the people will swear that it's an overcomplicated piece of delicate rap-crap and the rest will probably stay cool and fanatically clap their hands in slow tempo hip-hop rhythms played live and with fabulous bass lines, composed and arranged in a perfect way. Young, cool-looking songs for a little bit more thinking audience.

An album more for the instrumental perfectionists and dear ole Marvin's lovers, than for the young gangsta slam ravers. Check out the list of interesting guests on various instruments featured troughout the whole album. Peaks: 2,3,& 8. The final message.

Slut - Smell me
(PolyGram / Scrape Sound)

Someone who stinks, lies that he only smells a little. Sounds like an American band, looks like an American band, behaves like the worst Czech bastard, sings like the hospital escaping schizo who writes the notes of his previously faster life in order to prove that he is psychologically OK. Son of a slut!

This album is full of the best ingredients to create an extraordinary juicy long-drink, containing more pure vodka than any vitamin pro-biological fruit juice. These guys are power, energy, engines, industry, wood, sluts, noise and whatever else you can think of. Not bad for an american band, excellent for angry continentals. Check out the newborn Hello, we are here, from Prague.

Cypress Hill
Unreleased & Revamped (Sony)

Unreleased and Revamped, the fourth release from the outfit my father describes as truly deranged individuals, wants to announce a new beginning it seems.

Or maybe they need to get out of debt by coattailling the unbelievable success of the Fugees record on the single Boom Biddy Bye Bye, an incongruent if not funky ode to the intransience of life. You'll hear plenty o' that one but the real treats are the Q-tip mix of 'Illusions', and the 'Intellectual Dons".

Lose the Fugees, and return to the hill because this stripped down offering confirms the status of a legend, and points to some new sonic directions in the genre where a long career usually means a follow up album.

The Romantic Corners of Prague
Marie Jarodova Prague is for lovers

It's not so difficult to find romantic corners in Prague, those perfect places where love creeps up  [ ... ]

Winters of Discontent - humanifesto 23
Keith Kirchner Winter in Prague

Well, I survived my first winter in Prague, and having lived in a temperate climate for many years I [ ... ]

Write on: 111 years of Soul Making with Mont Blanc
Darren Halls The Founders of Mont Blanc

We all know Mont Blanc, many of us use them on a daily basis. We love them, we treasure them and we  [ ... ]

Barmanské kurzy
Petra Carterová

Býti dobrým barmanem, toť věru velký kumšt!

View of a small dying planet
Alan Turing The Earth is dying

Imagine a time-lapse film of the Earth taken from space. Play back the last 10,000 years sped up so  [ ... ]

You know you've been in the Czech Republic too lon...
Think Magazine St Wenceslas

Seems like forever since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the early post-velvet Revolution days, and [ ... ]

Outlaw rebels; Fugazi
Keith Kirchner Fugazi promo image

Since its birth, rock 'n' roll has been a music worm-eaten with the myth of the lone, outlaw rebel.  [ ... ]

Cat Scratch Fever
Jeffree Benet A catfight between two women is a terrifying thing to witness

One man's near-fatal discovery that women are not the weaker sex...


Name Day/Svatek

Yesterday : Viola Today : Filip Tomorrow : Valdemar After tomorrow : Vilém

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