Artists of the Expat Age: Jesse Littell and Holly Spuck Prague over the years has been known for producing some very inspired artists, and from the pool of expats that have resided here since the Velvet Revolution, two painters have really stood out for the work they've produced, inspired by the city of a thousand spires... Jesse Littell and Holly Spuck. ...

Music reviews from the pages of Think Magazine
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Sweet Beats and Sour Notes, music reviews from the pages of Think Magazine...

Exit Planet Dust (AstraWerks)

Chances are that you've heard some of their work despite not knowing it was them. I only just found out that they had produced Eric B and Rakim's 'Know the ledge' way back in 1990. In any event they've been producing different syles of rap, house, and pop music for years and have decided to show their stuff on a new CD that is beautifully put together and flows like a mighty DJ across the first six tracks (varied rythmic engagement are at one time techno like but give you more back beat and funk in the bass) and finishes with different song oriented pieces conclude by the shimmery and luscious 'Alive Alone'.

Take yourself on a journey on these cold days, crank up your walkman to ten, you won't even know you were even on planet dust.

Milk and Kisses (4AD)

The Cocteau Twins don't dramatically change thier sound from record to record as much as it seems they are always in the act of fine tuning the last effort. On Milk and Kisses, thier ninth release, Elizabeth is annunciating just a touch more, and Robin has turned down his reverb a notch.

The drums are higher in the mix, and the tempos are up slightly, all in all giving it the feel of 1984's 'Treasure' which this reviewer ruined for himself in a horribly tempestuous relationship of that same year. Anyway, it's rare that you'll get a second chance on anything in this life, except of course with a new Cocteau's record.

Make a friend, start a bubble bath.

Made in Europe (RCA)

Every now and then a singer comes along who is so cool it sounds like she pisses ice cubes. You imagine to yourself that she is haughty, sophisticated and tragically hip. You'd be right on with Caroline Henderson, who is all that and more.

Her singles, Made in Europe and Move to the Mood are all top shelf, and you'll find yourself hitting replay over and over while smoking expensive European cigarettes.

Add raps by Remee and it gets smokey and thicker than a London fog on a sad, drunk night.

Hapu is for friends!
Alexander Zaitchik Hapu bar in Prague 3

Hapu (New Zealand Maori word meaning "friends") is a cozy little underground joint in Jiřího z Po [ ... ]

No joy from the rubber walnut
Jamie Hickman No joy from the rubber walnut

"I'm just off for a piss!" I said.

Portrait of the photographer: Tal Shpantzer
Hany Ševčíková Tal Shpantver (photo from Facebook)

With an eye to the spirit and a camera in hand, photographer Tal Shpantzer has taken the energy of f [ ... ]

Eatin' flies - humanifesto 25
Keith Kirchner Eatin' flies

So just the other day this guy says to me, "Hey, you guys need to get behind the scene more, be supp [ ... ]

Just another pig on the go?
Anonymous Just another pig on the go?


Why do we drink? To get things done.
Michael Evans & Angus Mathews Why do we drink?

In Prague, simple tasks often become great hurdles. Perhaps you have thought to yourself, "This sho [ ... ]

Bloom! (humanifesto 32)
Keith Kirchner Bloom!

"For, lo! The winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time o [ ... ]

Poetry: The Great Smoke Off
Shel Silverstein The Great Smoke Off

In the laid-back California town of sunny San Rafael, lived a girl named Pearley Sweetcake, you prob [ ... ]


Name Day/Svatek

Yesterday : Viktor Today : Marta Tomorrow : Bořivoj After tomorrow : Ignác

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