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From the charred remains and chicken bones of the anarchist impulses of the U$$A comes Think Magazine, the only publication from the former Soviet Bloc made with California Love...

Yes, yes, yes, yes. No need to persuade the flocks of sophisticated visitory of this lovely and brutal city that many of our buttons are being pushed in LA. We are a living example of another's past. Our seemingly crass and insensitive savagery lies at the heart of our subversion.

Underneath the veil, an unutterable cry for free thinking moves through our restless souls, so pass the duchie. Our goal, to chip at the walls, so that the obscene symbiosis of opposites will break. Those between procreation and genocide, the erotic play of the sea, and the booming death industries on it's shores, those who walk around dead and those who are born again.

As beautiful as a castle can be, it is still a relic of tyranny. Storm it, within yourself, share your awareness. In preparing THINK we recognize the emancipation of the consciousness, still the primary task. Without it we are blind, self-defeating, an embarrassment as we've been called in the various foreign press.

Share with us our christening of THINK, literally. Change is good, narrow-mindedness is stoopid. Try and be prepared as this passage from Proust's novel Swann's Way, illustrates so deliciously for the magical transformation. Here, Swann discovers a Portishead tape he lost over a year ago after listening to it just one, single time, and presses play ...

"This time he had distinguished, quite clearly, a phrase which emerged for a few moments from the waves of sound. It had at once held out to him an invitation to partake of intimate pleasures, of whose existence, before hearing it, he had never dreamed, into which he felt that nothing but this phrase could initiate him, and he had been filled with love for it, as with a strange new desire".

Media is a virus. Catch it.

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