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Think Magazine began its 20 year saga as the longest running alternative culture publication in post-Velvet Revolution Prague as an entertaining, informative and enlightening, full-colored, free magazine about music, art, fashion and modern urban culture, with an eye to covering interesting new trends in this fast paced world around us.

Founded in 1996, Think represents the next generation of publishing in urban city magazines. By giving people a bearing in our increasingly complex and international city, Think Magazine has earned a loyal and ever growing readership, in the Hungarian, Czech and English speaking communities of Prague, Singapore and Budapest.

Think Magazine is now an online magazine, intended for open-minded, independent young adults, with the aim to intelligently inform the readers with quality articles, inspiring ideas for living, profiles on the people who are creating society today, all the while maintaining a deep respect for internationally established ethical norms for both journalism and advertising. 

This basically means that Think readers trust Think to deliver the truth in an entertaining manner each and every day in timely, concise, mind-opening articles and stories. And due to our open submission policy, our readers sometimes even write for us, creating a forum to discuss the issues affecting them today. 

Think Magazine is a trustworthy companion to modern trend setters and young adult readers who are open to new and different opinions. Every month the writers at Think Magazine keep our readers informed of the latest CD and movie releases, plus personality profiles and socially conscious feature articles, all presented in a visually captivating graphics format that people can't help but pick up and look at.

Now that you know what Think is, we invite you to participate... if you don't submit to Think, think about what you do submit to...

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