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think magazine issue 1 coverthink magazine issue 1 cover

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ABOUT THE COVER: The very first issue to hit the streets was a two-color printing job in late September of 1996. Instead of the girl's eyes, it says UNDERGROUND LIFEGROUNDUNDER; Today's Menu of articles, next to "Think, it's like... FREE!" People didn't know what to make of it, but most were compelled to read it, and thousands of copies were snatched up in 6 days. We sold enough ads to print tens of thousands.

How to Disappear Without a Trace (EN)

DJ A to the K (EN)

How Do You Say 'Hip-Hop' in Czech? (EN)

When is a house not a home? (EN)

Czech Artist Ellen Eldridge (EN)

Picking up the Czech (CZ/EN)

The Tram Sleeper (EN)

Humanifesto (EN)

Whiny Amercan Dude (EN)

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