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Think Prague cover issue 8
Think Prague cover issue 8

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Summer 2008

The summer instalment of Think Again magazine is a veritable feast of tasty treats including interviews with Polish designer Jan Kallwejt, shoelace expert Ian Fieggen, Addictive TV, and Parts&Labor among others. We delve into the work of Robert Rauschenberg and Derek Jarman. For your summer style infusion, we have four new fashion labels from freshlabels.cz and feature a new store in Prague with SkunkFunk retro/street label.

Another excellent item is our review of the newly opened Mr. Sushi restaurant. Don’t miss the Mystic Sk8 Cup, High Jump event, open-air cinema on Střelecký Island, Akropolismultimediale Festival and all the summer music festivals. This is shaping up to be yet another excellent summer here in the beautiful city of Prague, and you’d be crazy not to do everything possible to take advantage of it—enjoying this issue of Think Again,/i> is a great way to start!

Cover by Jan Kallwejt

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