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Cover Think Prague #13
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Cover Think Prague #13

ABOUT THE COVER: The Kiss, (by Peter Behrens) silk-screened on textile, photographed, then scanned. Cover quote reads: The Thought manifests as the Word, The Word manifests as the Deed, the Deed develops into Habit and the Habit hardens into Character. So watch the Thought and it's ways with care, and let it be born out of Love and Respect for all living beings.

The lowdown on Prague's Snowboarding scene (EN)

Without the loudspeaker, Hilter would have never conquered Germany (EN)

How the Rich Invented Racism (EN)

What's in your stuff? (EN)

The Life and Art of Alfonse Marie Mucha (EN)

The Think interview with Liquid Harmony (EN)

Profile of the Balkan metal band Artery (EN)

Thinky's Troubleshooting Beer Drinking Guide (EN)

A Brief History of Post-Conceptualism (EN)

English is a Crazy Language (EN)

What's in Store (CZ)

humanifesto (EN)

A comic by Adam Trachtman (EN)

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Mr. Montgomery Burns in Singapore - The Think Inte...
Stanley Holditch Mr. Montgomery Burns

This month Stanley Holditch is talking to Springfield's wealthiest resident, Mr. Montgomery Burns.

No joy from the rubber walnut
Jamie Hickman No joy from the rubber walnut

"I'm just off for a piss!" I said.

The Reason For The Karma Concept, And Why You Do N...
David Samuel The Reason For The Karma Concept

There is good and bad in the concept of karma which this article will explore, among other thoughts [ ... ]

Whether a King or a Street Sweeper, We All Have to...
Kristian Cohler Olšanské hřbitovy - the Olsany cemeteries

The language of the dead is whispered in serene inner voices. Find the face you could love - greet [ ... ]

Drinking beer is cool!
Milkmoney Jones

I never drank beer before moving to Czechia. I thought it tasted like piss; probably because it is p [ ... ]

Think's Guide to the Famous Czech Spa Town of Karl...
Luke Salkeld

Karlovy Vary is a small town nestled snugly in a narrow valley along the banks of the River Tepla, a [ ... ]

Notes From Prague Six: Sqquuuuaak!
Milkmoney Jones Artwork by Truman, for Gamma World's "Famine in Far-Go" module

Has everyone heard the rumor about the chain formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken?

An Exercise in Social Control: How company policie...
Author Unknown 5 ape banana experiment

Start with a cage containing five apes. In the cage, hang a banana on a string and put stairs under [ ... ]


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