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Think Prague cover 24
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Think Prague cover 24

ABOUT THE COVER: Apollo 440 is on the cover, with the Shakespearian line; ABOVE THE PITCH, OUT OF TUNE AND OFF THE HINGES: SUMMER FILM & MUSIC SPECIAL. 228 Days until the Year 2000. Photo and graphics by Jeffree Benet

"Sorry, but I don't date outside my species..." (EN)

Why this war sucks! (EN)

The Ugly Truth - Cops and skinheads in Prague (EN)

The Urania All-Stars - Communism is dead, long live Rock'n'Roll (EN)

Mad man Maceo revisits Lucerna (EN)

Kampaň pro záchranu Amazonie (CZ)

Quo vadis, musica? (CZ)

Letters to the Editor (CZ/EN)

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