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Our latest venture finds Think in partnership with Prague's newest addition to the airwaves; independent broadcasters TV3.

This weekly broadcast (Thursdays at 22.45 and rebroadcasts on Fridays at 23.00) gives Think fans the opportunity to explore the world around them through the eyes of the Think creative staff.

Focusing on the social issues of today as well as cultural trends in the arts and music worlds, ThinkTV promises that you'll never look at TV the same again.
Sponsored by Beton, ThinkTV delivers a hip, fast moving, informative half hour, which will get folks engaged in issues and bring the options of the weekends' entertainment, dining, and shopping possibilities to the fore.

The latest styles in music and fashion, here and internationally, will be covered, along with interviews, and a weekly topic explored in depth. Comedic segments and timely reports will be interspersed within the show, and a progressive and fresh soundtrack gives the program an identifiable modern tempo.

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