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Think Tv je tu zase!

Historii totalitní zóny, která slaví 10. výročí od svého uskutečnění. Podívate se s námi do prostorů pod bývalou sochou Stalina, které jsou opředeny nejednou legendou. Našli jsme dokonce i lidi, kteří pracovali na stavbě pomníku v 50. letech. Popovídali jsme si s mnohými aktéry kulturní a politické akce TZ o tom, jaké to bylo a co dělají dnes.

Your help is required in an elaborate conspiracy (...

As many of you dear readers might have noticed, the www.think.cz website has been off-line for some  [ ... ]

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The Campaign to Blockade the Temelín Nuclear Power...
News Desk Temelín Nuclear Power Station

On Sunday, July 6, 1997, Temelin Nuclear Power Plant will be blockaded by several hundred non-violen [ ... ]

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Time to move on?
Katie McCann

I have never had much time for conventional, "western" healthcare, but one memorable evening last ye [ ... ]

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Hapu is for friends!
Alexander Zaitchik Hapu bar in Prague 3

Hapu (New Zealand Maori word meaning "friends") is a cozy little underground joint in Jiřího z Po [ ... ]

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The Sociobiology of Style
Jonah Weiss (Photo by Kent Williams)

Once upon a time, clothing was like food: necessary and free. Almost as soon as we left the jungle,  [ ... ]

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This won't hurt a bit...
Richard Baimbridge, Jr.

The pain was unbearable. It ripped me straight out of a dream I was having Sunday morning.

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Dogs in the pot (Oh, to be man's best friend)
Dr Paul Kail South Korean dog delivered From the clutches of the dog meat trade (Photo: American Humane Society)

The fact that people in Korea eat dogs disgusts many people outside Asia. (WARNING: Content might [ ... ]

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10 Reasons Women Date Jerks Instead of Nice Guys
Joe Bodia She hasn't left you yet, but she will!

Having witnessed this phenomenon more than once personally and to decent dudes I've known, I've ofte [ ... ]

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