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So once again, Islamic fundamentalist have ripped our reality fabric by upping the ante and getting suicide bombers to commit mass-murder.

How do you suppose these people came up with such ideas, and what could possible have motivated them? 

My guess is that any number of the many tried-and true mind control methods have been used on them. 

"Aw, come on, how could you hypnotize someone to do this?" the skeptical amongst you will moan, but I suggest you put your nose into researching the vast fields of literature (some of it produced with taxpayer dollars) describing how to do it.

In fact, torturing someone until the point of breaking, f*cking with their perceptions of reality, instilling hopelessness and then creating schizims and split personalities to be activated with code words or symbols is as easy as childplay.

In fact, the CIA's Project Monarch and better known Project MK Ultra made these shadow-arts pure science by using a combination of LSD and other drugs, electronics and electroshock. Check out Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson for a funny look at the process. Then again, maybe God DID tell them to do it, and remember this, God speaks English too.

God told a Little Rock minister to stand outside Bill Clinton's church and shouted at the worshippers inside, "Do you want your daughter to marry a lesbian? Do you want your son to marry a queer?" A lay preacher caught driving without insurance claimed God had offered him divine protection from accidents, telling police he no longer needed road tax or an MOT for the same reason "The Lord lets me know when anything needs doing." 

God told Domino's Pizza owner Thomas Monaghan to fire his upper management and run the company himself, and told televangelist Jimmy Swaggart that being found in a hotel room with a prostitute was "flat none of anyone's business."

God told a California man that he could drive his truck through cars; he hit 18 vehicles and injured 12 people. God also told Ohio cult leader Jeffrey Lundgren to murder a couple and their three daughters because they would not repent. And God told Deanna Laney of Texas to smash the heads of her three sons with a rock until they were dead, because God had told her the world was going to end and "she had to get her house in order," which included killing her children.

God instructed two Rastafarians on the Caribbean island of St Lucia to attack worshippers in a cathedral with machetes and a blowtorch, setting them ablaze and killing an Irish nun, to combat corruption in the Roman Catholic Church. God also told a Louisiana man to shoot his wife to death as she stood in a carport across the street.

God instructed a hardcore Mormon radical to help bomb a church, kill a police officer in a shootout and then engage in a 13-day standoff. God also told a homeless drifter to kill two security guards at Universal Studios.

 told a Wisconsin woman to stab her infant daughter 20 times in the middle of the night during a family vacation. Australian bank robber Gregory Eric White told a court that God told him to rob because banks are evil, telling the jury that he robbed five banks, taking nearly £31,000, because he believed it was the way to achieve salvation

God told a homeless Cuban refugee to kill two passengers on a Staten Island ferry with an ornamental sword. Tyler Spears of Brown County Indiana cut off one of his hands with a sword because God told him to do it, because "his hand was evil." Officers went into the woods, where they found a double-edged sword, knives, and a log that apparently was used as a chopping block. 

Twenty eight year old Brian Kelley sent e-mails and called family and friends, saying God spoke to him and told him Jesus was going to return to earth, and then smothered his 13-month-old girl as a holy sacrifice. When police arrived and found Kelley in his bedroom naked, Kelley calmly said: "I smothered my daughter because God told me to. ... God told me she was perfect and innocent and told me to sacrifice her, for Jesus was coming very soon," according to police reports.

God told a 42-year-old California gambler to act as "executioner" and shoot his wife and four in-laws to death as they napped. God told an anti-abortion activist to bomb three Florida clinics on Jesus's birthday. God told a 65-year-old Bronx woman to hold fire fighters at bay for four hours with a large knife, and instructed a Rhode Island man not to take his four-year-old daughter to the hospital after she suffered a serious head wound.

Ron Lafferty drew his brother Dan and two drifters into a murder plot by persuading them that he had experienced a revelation from God to "remove" Brenda Lafferty because she was having a bad influence on his brother, Allen. Erica Lafferty, her daughter, had to be "removed" so she would not have to grow up without a mother. God also instructed a Texan ministry student to kill his wife and new born son and then live with their bodies in a hotel room for almost a year.

Tanishia Fielder, of Pennsylvania, told police that "God told her to do it" during her arrest after she impaled her newborn's eye with a knife. Fielder claimed the she received messages from God telling her to murder, dismember and throw the 8-day-old baby in the trash because he was "by the devil."

God told Chattanooga Tennesse college student Philip Badowski, who admitted he fatally shot his parents in their bedroom and broke a chain saw cutting up their bodies told investigators: "God told me to."

Abbas said that at Aqaba, Bush promised to speak with Sharon about the siege on Arafat. According to Abbas, immediately thereafter Bush said: "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them."

And just this month, a Church minister in the UK, John Wilson, wais found guilty of raping and abusing six vulnerable women and girls with the help of his wife. He claimed God told him to 'go into the womb to release evil spirits'...

As you can see, "God" has a busy schedule...