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UK Gaming Platforms Dominate the Online Gambling Industry
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For centuries, gambling has been a popular leisure activity throughout the world.

Legalised land-based casinos consolidated gambling into attractive destinations and turned gambling into part of the worldwide tourist trade. In the UK, Bingo was a wildly popular game, and Bingo halls became social focal points for fans of the games. Towards the end of the 20th century, the gambling industry underwent nothing less than a revolution when online gambling exploded and became one of the Internet’s most successful and lucrative sectors.

In the UK, many well-known bookmakers – which had been used mainly for sports betting – have transitioned to the Internet and have become equally renowned online UK gaming platforms.  These gaming websites branched out beyond sports betting to casino games of all kinds, including roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines, Bingo, arcade games, and more. Sports betting for these online bookmakers remains an important segment, where any number of sports, both popular (e.g., football, horse racing, and rugby) and esoteric (darts, snooker, and curling), can be wagered on. Online casinos have also made government-sponsored lotteries (such as the Irish Lottery) much more accessible.

Bingo has been popular in the UK for decades and, as such, remains a big part of the UK gaming platforms. The well-known and reputable UK brand, William Hill, offers Bingo games that promote the social aspect of the game, in line with the advent of other social networks, such as Facebook. In other words, the social factor of Bingo has always been a big attraction, and online chat games allow players to interact just as they would in a land-based Bingo hall. Although Bingo has caught on around the world, it remains especially popular in the UK where it generates hundreds of millions of GBP a year.

Growth of Mobile Gaming

It seems that almost as soon as online gaming caught on, mobile gaming usurped its place as the UK gaming platform of choice. While playing on one’s computer in the comfort of one’s home was considered the ultimate form of convenience at one point, the popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices, raised the bar on that convenience and allowed fans of Internet gambling to play their favourite games everywhere. In the same way that it is no longer unusual to see people banking, shopping, and reading e-mails on their mobile devices, it is increasingly common to see people play casino games in the palm of their hand. The revolution continues.

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