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Ayahuasca is the vehicle that opens your gateway to the parallel world, a purely energetic, non material space that is beyond the limits of our three dimensional environment.

This time I will account about a little fragment of its experience as I wrote to some friends a while ago. It is just a little part of an overall mind-blowing trip to somewhere else that will never be forgotten.

I can tell you about three experiences with spirits communicating through me which I find very interesting.

Let me stipulate that the general subject here, Ayahuasca, comes as such from an animist environment. The people which had originally applied it strongly believe in spirits and actually claim the brew was given to them by spirits - and that was a long time before chemistry had its name.

Strangely enough, they have figured out the exact combinations of plants to mix in order to achieve the desired effect.

To come to the point, most striking experience was when a young girl's mother, who died a long time ago, communicated through me with her daughter who came to the session to watch.

In this case the manifestation, verbal but telepathic, whereby I interpreted more or less the messages and transferred a big portion of mother love (something fairly impossible for a man) to the girl.

My perception of the place that I had spiritually approached was of a divine light; mercurial and very intensive. When I was getting too close, my physical body which maintained the connection, would tremble. So keeping a certain distance out of this light emerged an entity that shaped into some individual form of energy, shapeless and identified itself as described above.

I must add that, for this already very beautiful service, I was rewarded by a shower of light that came out of the source, like rain through colorful birds' beaks and it felt just great. (As one goes through the initiations, a system of symbols and archetypes is created in order to deal better with the energetic environment in a more comprehensive way). Good thing about this is to get close to something that resembles the paradise and feel it for real.

My second experience happened during the same session, as what the curanderos call the Spirit of Ayahuasca, an entity which has been so far described and identified by many people equally.

Check for example Amaringo's paintings. It first threatened me with jealousy and then when about to cure, virtually slipped into my body and participated actively in the curative with a very sure hand.

The third and weirdest manifestation that has been witnessed and confirmed by a third party was my transformation into a dragon.

And that has been experienced by others, like an autonomous entity; although an integral part of me was gradually taking over the command, increasing its destructivness slightly, until an assisting shaman's intervention made me call it off from me, but then it could be reactivated again willingly and with more caution, though several other times during this one group curing session (by the way, for those who may know, in the house of Don Guillermo Arevalo in Yarina). A special feature was the ability to spit fire that made me review my sepses about ancient myths and tales. And then again, whatever archetype is good is good.

Ask any curandero where they know their Icaros from and why every plant has a different song and you will find out more about what is here widely being referred to as spirits.

Those who've had the chance to see the act of the creation of the universe — although we all have it in both our material and spiritual memory (we have all been there, without exception) — will agree that everything that is, spirits included, or their mere potential (once you just talk about them, no matter if imaginary or real, you admit if not create them in incidence), is part of the creation that has so far been proven limitless, contingent and still going on diversifying (there is always space here for something that has not yet been created - taking the time parameter off it has always been there - if you know what I mean).

But this is getting a little bit too cosmic.

I think what happened was wonderful and one should cultivate and entertain their contacts with the parallel world if one feels like it. In these terms, I have the pleasure to disclose more about the previously mentioned Ayahuasca experimental camp project in Peru.

But I will save it for the next best occasion, so as not to take too much of your brain time again.

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