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What is HAARP? HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It's very interesting and a little bit scary... read on to learn more.

High frequency means short wave, the radio band from 3 to 30 megahertz, the one used by ships, planes, and international broadcasters. Aurora is the huge planetary electric current that, among other things, causes the northern and southern lights and helps keep the gases in. Presumably the HAARP is a catchy acronym for some kind of celestial musical instrument, though it has been suggested that its players are anything but angels.

This electric HAARP has been assembled on a military base near Gakona, Alaska, by the United States Air Force and Navy. It has several parts, most interesting being the IRI, for Ionospheric Research Instrument. IRI is one of the largest radio transmitters ever built. And that's it.

"HAARP's ability to generate strong magnetic fields could interfere with the migration of birds, marine and Arctic animals that are known to go on the Earth's magnetic fields to navigate over long distances." -Gar Smith of the San Francisco-based Earth Island Institute

With HAARP, what you see (and hear) is what you get. It's a radio. It's not that different from the flame-throwers in daily use for short-wave broadcasting, and only about ten decibels louder, but it's advanced antenna system concentrates the beam on such a small target that effective radiated power shoots up into the gigawatts. Since this beam goes pretty much straight up, it's tough news for some electrons, and maybe some birds, but not so tough for people on the ground.

And so what we get is very much like the space shuttle. It does world class research, it kills a few birds, maybe some good comes from it, but we never quite know who's using the data, or why? The government assures everyone that it's just science, but then that government says a lot of things.

I have been assured, by everyone from Ph.D.s to poets, that HAARP is: An Ionospheric heater, A research tool, A military test bed, A tax- subsidized boondoggle, A directed-energy weapon, A communication system for submarines, A way to improve satellite links, A planetary x-ray machine, A plot to depopulate the Third World, A means of creating power blackouts at will, Electronic warfare, Tesla's wireless power transmission, Tesla's secret death ray, Searching for space aliens, Killing space aliens, Killing off militias, Enforcing the New World Order, Weather modification, CIA mind control, Brain wave modification, The end of HF radio, The end of wildlife in Alaska, The end of the human race, The end of Earth itself. Now, this is pretty good for one transmitter. I think the last experimental radio that attracted this kind of attention was built by Marconi.

A few years ago, global environmental activists got word that the U.S. military was beginning construction of a world-class Ionospheric heater relatively near Fairbanks, Alaska. The Gakona site is a bit farther south than scientists would have liked, but it became available when another Cold War monster, the over-the-horizon radar project, was cancelled.

HAARP caused panic almost immediately. It did not help that even perfunctory library research led quickly to a separate, private plan that ARCO petroleum had very briefly lobbied for as part of the Reagan-era SDI. This much more ambitious plan, while superficially bearing great resemblance to HAARP, was a far larger scheme, proposed in several far-reaching patents filed by Dr. Bernard Eastlund.

Little is known about its true goal, save to burn vast quantities of otherwise wasted North Slope natural gas. All this provoked near-hysteria among a few radio hams and environmentalists in Alaska. Several unsettling articles and books were written. When these were completely dismissed by mainstream media in the contiguous 48 states, HAARP made the Most Censored News Stories list for 1994.

While this list tends to tilt decidedly leftward, it is still a serious attempt at research, and far from a crackpot fringe. When I saw the words, "Burn holes in the ionosphere," I darn near tossed lunch. While I quickly learned that any such "holes,"even if they existed, would be inconsequentially small and brief, my fevered brain still closed a whole bunch of gestalts, with a clunk most likely audible back up in Gakona. Suddenly a lot more things about the worldwide heating initiative started to make sense.

Unless you read an awful lot of very dry monographs, all of which are well-studded with the alphabet-soup acronyms so beloved by scientists, you will be surprised at how huge Ionospheric studies have gotten, worldwide since the early 90s. We can be certain that the field has only gotten larger since. Suddenly, the Internet abruptly made HAARP's internal technospeak public. Who can come in on such phrases as, "active auroral electrojet modification,"and not be a little scared?

It does not help that most of the money for all this comes from a very familiar source - Reagan's SDI, the ultimate militarization of space, and the most disproportionately expensive research program in the history of the human race.

Some 150 different international treaties, in place since 1975, prohibit the use of "weather warfare,"implying a legal challenge to HAARP, since its patents include weather modification experiments. And beyond atmospheric dangers, the FEIS filed by the Air Force and Navy says that HAARP transmissions "can raise the internal body temperature of nearby people; ignite road flares in the trunks of cars; detonate aerial munitions used in electronic fuses, and scramble aircraft communications, navigation and flight-control systems."U.S. studies show that even small increases in EM radiation from devices like HAARP can cause human health problems such as leukemia, cataracts, birth defects and cancer, alter brain chemistry and elevate cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and heart rates. -"The Environmental Magazine"January 1997

Thanks to Internet then, HAARP may very well be the first household word created completely outside of the traditional news channels. This is a lesson for social scientists. It's also the New Millennium's version of word-of-mouth; an electronic whispering campaign. We've even seen it all settle down enough to pick out several firm positions on HAARP.

The most visible critiques divide into the New Age and New World Order theories. New Agers seem to come from the Old Left, while NWO is definitely a creation of the New Right. Since the left and right agree on a lot more than they think, both come up with the same conclusion - NO HAARP.

Meanwhile, the most visible HAARP proponents are university employees, those doing Big Science, who cannot understand why anyone wouldn't like it. After all, their jobs depend on a continued, steady flow of our taxes into these huge research boondoggles. There's also a national security argument for HAARP, though this one has lost a bit of credibility since the question, "What if THEY get it?"has been answered, "THEY let US use it to take data."

What's gotten lost in all this contention over science is the ionosphere, the environmental question, the one that got me interested in the first place. What will be the fate of the last accessible part of our planet that we haven't been able to screw up somehow?

I still cannot get a definitive answer on the ultimate purpose of data gained from these heaters. Depending on who you believe, it's either aimed at improving the performance of space based systems that are being built anyway, or it's a rediscovery of The Secret Tesla Death Ray. It's either a great new source of low-frequency radio waves for military communications or reconnaissance, or a new generation of directed-energy weapon that will terrorize the planet, turning the Pax Americana into global fact.

There are people, usually with physics degrees, who have "done the math,"and are convinced that the American military is only a few years from global domination. There are people, also with physics degrees, who tell me that the whole thing is radio astronomy. Therefore, HAARP's mighty radio waves illuminate far more than thin air. They show us what America is really about, where the big bucks come from, where they go, who gets them, and who doesn't. We don't have a fancy story here. We just have a good story, better than most of what's on the Corporate Nooz.

The First Guy: Bernard Eastlund
HAARP's unanswered question is buried deeper in the literature, where they don't like laymen looking. This is the matter of resonant auroral electrojet modification, the real goal of the project. Basically, it means that the ultra-enormous electric currents naturally flowing around our planet might be slightly jolted by kicks at just the right places and times. It's been tested, at several other heaters worldwide, and it works. It works very well, though not well enough to be militarily useful - yet.

The result may ultimately be the largest ELF transmitter ever imagined. This ELF/VLF range, where radio turns to electric sound, is a wild and wooly place. It's popularly (if usually erroneously) associated with Nikola Tesla, secret energy weapons, nuclear subs, and UFOs. Wild stories of mind control and weather war on the Third World just won't stop.

ELF is presently being used to communicate with missile submarines. Its huge wavelengths penetrate water better than normal ones do, but they require antennas many miles long. These antennas have to be towed behind aircraft, or buried for miles under cow pastures, with debatable effects on the milk production. The military would like it just fine if the "antenna"could be vibrating electrons in the sky instead.

Active Ionospheric modification dates from the well-studied "Luxembourg effect,"the investigation of which led to the discovery of the ionosphere's structure in the first place. At this time, radio waves were tiny Luxembourg's biggest export. The little country made big money licensing super-power broadcast stations that could compete with government monopolies all over Europe. One of these stations started appearing in everyone else's programs. Ultimately, the interference was shown to be the effect of the station's mighty waves on the ionosphere itself.

Ionospheric modification went big-time when some very wild patents were filed on behalf of ARCO, the oil company, by Bernard Eastlund. He apparently sold the SDI crowd on the military uses of ultra-power radio beams, from many miles of antennas, making HAARP look like a weenie roast, and, incidentally, using electric generators that promised a nice market for ARCO's otherwise wasted Alaska natural gas.

Eastlund's patents, which are available for reading on the Internet, have a kind of doomsday feel to them, not unlike The Bomb. Arco's super-HAARP was never built. The military ultimately soured on poor Dr. Eastlund, calling him "nuts,"but they may or may not have soured on all of his ideas for weather modification, global tomography, and other creepy scenarios, all from resonant auroral stimulation.

This time period was also the last, weird gasp of the Cold War, in which stories of Russian psychic beams and time-travel experiments circulated widely. One popular view was that the pulse rate of the USSR "woodpecker,"a special HF radar for early warning of low-altitude attacks, had been chosen to interfere with brain waves, or to move the jet stream out of position. While the woodpecker was an extremely powerful radio, definitely capable of biological effects at a distance, it still remains doubtful that it ever threw enough juice our way to do anything beyond its stated mission - early cruise-missile detection. However, all this got people thinking.

By the time HAARP was funded, ARCO had sold out to Raytheon, and Eastlund had long since left the project. However, his Strangelovian shadow haunts HAARP to this day. But wait, it gets better, way better.

The Other Guy: Nikola Tesla
Angels Don't Play This HAARP, which is available from EarthPulse Press and other sources. The book, with its hundreds of cites and footnotes, is a great read, but it's best not to do it at bedtime. While reiterating the environmental objections, scary enough in themselves, the authors go on to argue that Eastlund has vindicated the mysterious, usually misunderstood, later work of Nikola Tesla.

Nobody's objective about Tesla. While he was a contemporary with the other great inventors of our era, his vision was about a century ahead of theirs. Visionaries never have it easy, but Tesla had it worse than most. Though he lived well for a time, he died broke, while his inventions were in daily use worldwide, (check your panalak's lightswitches and appliances). Some of Tesla's ideas were so advanced that they've been taken for black magic, or at least weird science, ever since.

This mythic tale of the exploited wizard, the visionary pariah, the lightning man, has hardwired Tesla into the post-modern consciousness. The legend grows yearly, as everyone projects their own personal myths and fantasies into it. There's a core of truth to the Tesla mythos. His later work is not well understood. For example, the notorious Tesla Death Ray might have really been a particle beam idea that Tesla tried to sell the U.S. military as an anti-aircraft weapon. Such an idea was re-investigated for SDI. And conspiracy writers will never let us forget how some Tesla papers were taken by the Government right after Tesla's death in 1943.

The real HAARP-Tesla connection, however, comes from another great notion. This was the global, wireless transmission of electrical power. Tesla, after all, pioneered high-power RF work. He couldn't just call up Continental Transmitters and order up a few megawatts. He had to invent the radio first. Marconi stole 14 of his patents, as later proven in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Tesla's RF oscillators, mostly evolved from the "Tesla coil"so loved by science teachers, are still not understood. But any school kid knows the problem with wireless anything. It's the inverse square law. A simple, Godzilla-size coil just blasting away will cause a nice light show, possibly fry its operators, certainly make as much RF as Marconi's early stuff, but Mom out in Denver still won't get enough juice to make toast. It's simple physics.

Supposedly, Tesla planned to get around this by using the Earth as a huge, resonant system, probably at an ELF rate. His writings contain references to "The Terrestrial Stationary Waves,"a resonant excitation of the ground, the magnetosphere, or even the 'waveguide' between the two. Tesla boasted that he'd done this on a trial scale, using super-power "Magnifying Transformers"like the ones in Colorado.

Would the "Terrestrial Stationary Waves"have worked? We won't know any time soon. But some writers think that other people know now. This is that perennial conspiracy theory, the one that says how wireless power distribution actually worked too well, with near-apocalyptic consequences. It's one of those great, unprovable, Frankenstein tales, part anti-government paranoia, part fear of science, part sheer faith.

And, since Eastlund was known to talk as big as Tesla, the connection was inevitable. But compared to Eastlund's unbuilt flame-thrower, HAARP is a weenie roast, although the conspiracy authors seem to find evidence that it's close enough for a very nice test. And then, of course, they might build the real thing.

The Debate Widens

True or false, the notion that a bunch of SDI spooks were building an Alaskan doom machine made HAARP the biggest thing to hit the paranormal/UFO scene since that Air Force guy let something slip about that flying saucer in Roswell. Most of the original HAARP publicity came from the Angels authors' appearances on FOX TV. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not much better as far as mainstream credibility is concerned.

Alaskans, who have to live next to this thing, were the first to get scared for other reasons. Out of this came a real, no-hidden-agenda, grass roots group, NO HAARP. The name explains the purpose. Their website has an order form for the Angels book, and some interesting documents.

As part of the Government's P.R. counterattack, HAARP got a lively, attractive web page. Check it out, It's fun, and it has some nice photos as you can see in this article. No radio freak can resist all this neat hardware, definitely The Boy Inventor at work. The IRI, at least, is completely unclassified, and its builders are cool people. They'll answer your questions, and discuss ham-radio with you on the side.

Get Informed. Decide Yourself.
We live in the post-modern era. The struggle for truth is not in the streets but in the media. 'Business-as-usual' = abandonment. The Corporate Nooz vendors will placate us with their celebrity sludge, until whatever happens, happens.
For me, the real problem comes back to the first problem. Are we sure we aren't screwing up this poor planet even more than we have already?

Will El Niño be the primary beneficiary of active auroral modification? Will some guys in a room under Omaha decide who's going to have an ionosphere today?

Personally, I'm not anti-HAARP. I actually rather like HAARP. However, I'm pro-knowledge. I get a little nervous when year after year goes by without any serious news-reporting on what the SDI research establishment intends to do with all this data. Were they testing it on Yugoslavia during the bombing? On one CNN broadcast, a relief worker complains that the phones and Walkie-talkies weren't working so well during the bombing. Until this leaves the closet, there's no doubt that prudent people will once again assume the worst. As word spreads, through alternative channels such as the Internet, millions will once again decide that the Government intends to hurt them, in secret, WHETHER OR NOT THIS IS TRUE.

* Dr. Nick Begich. Begich is a bit of a New Age thinker, up in Alaska where HAARP is being built. His academic theories range from the interesting to the bizarre, and he can't be discounted entirely, despite the rather fringoid crowd he hangs out with. He teamed up with Jeane Manning, and they did most of the original writing about HAARP in 1995. I would say that this represents the philosophical/Teslian argument against HAARP.

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