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Alex Jones, the shock-jock behind infowars and prisonplanet, and several others in his station's network, seems like a very stable character - he is a syndicated radio host out of Texas and is simply building his SUBSCRIBER base and sales, right?

InfoWar even created a video competition where people further perpetuate his 'truth' in what pretty much amounts to a clever use of web marketing – where, as a matter of fact, he enjoys complete freedom.

Ethical marketing? He's within his rights, I guess.

Back to 'Death of the Internet' (2008 video segments, below) on so many levels this man is full of flop. He claims You Tube are fiddling his figures – tested & refuted by time, the ultimate judge: When he made his claim that he is "being censored by the powers that be" there were only 29,700 videos 'Alex Jones' on Google Video, now there are 11,400,000 – which entirely refutes his cries of being censored (but how many people actually do their homework and check?)

That is this schlock's routine – absolute lies coupled with half-truths and quarter-truths. He says Wired Magazine have covered his story as FACT – please find any such article! Not ONE empirical source. Not ONE scrap of evidence that this even approaches the death of anything.

Except his credibility.

He does, however, wiggle a piece of paper in the air for less than a second. The Youtube comment thread is also peppered with false, bogus, suspicious, misrepresented or misguided posts – ie – people (staffers more likely) saying they're refreshing and the hit count stayed the same and therefore scamming people into believing Alex's spammy theories are fact (maybe they should try clearing their cache and trying again.)

Jones claims his rubbish sites are filtered in Australia and even banned by the British Government – tested & refuted (lies - but it makes the story sound oh-so-convincing); a posting that states that people are barred from forwarding the 'Death of the Internet' to friends from Youtube (also presumably posted by his team) – tested & bogus (but what better way to get people to try, hey?).

It also works on all RSS feeds.

It's people like Jones and others that are manipulating the punters - YOU - damaging the credibility of the net - sampling of bogus stories that pop up using different dates, different sources, et al. … one more of Jones' hundred theories, the 9-11 conspiracy, debunked by among others, Popular Mechanics. Believed by Willie Nelson and Charlie Sheen however.

It also seems the death-knell beat-up has been ignored (overlooked?) by the reputable news services and journals on the face of planet earth. Let's say the sky was falling, I'd warrant that more than one source would have picked up on the 'End is Nigh' truth.

Admittedly, it's a bit sad for our US friends. In fact, it kinda sucks, but the Net Neutrality issue comes down to freedom of choice coupled with the power of the internet: if customers aren't satisfied for whatever reason then word spreads fast, far and wide and people change Internet Service Provider.

We'll soon see who wins the 'war'. It's more a storm in a teacup. The Internet lives!

Far more worrying is the Australian 'Clean Feed' - quite a funny approach to something that is far more frightening than slow connections, but it achieves that too.

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