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When I first moved to this country, and saw the vast number of second-hand clothing stores, I imagined my wardrobe rocketing to new heights of chic...

Old seventies leather jackets, deep blue jeans of forgotten brands, and delightfully ugly shirts with collars big enough to serve as spare wings on a jumbo. 

As I began exploring these stores, some of which actually sell clothes by the kilo, I began to realize that this town is not the used clothes paradise I first believed it to be. 

Most of the stores, sadly, are really only appropriate for those who don't just ignore style, but actually detest and have sworn themselves to a life-long pursuit of its destruction. There are, though, a few hidden away in Prague's corners, that are definitely worth a look for the economically minded, yet non-fashion abhorrent shopper.

Zelený Second Hand

Another hidden hole-in-the-wall worth sniffing out is Zelený Second Hand at Nuselská 25, far enough away from the suicide bridge so that you don't have to watch for falling bodies. The outside, which looks exactly like every other second-hand store in the city, is deceiving. This place is probably a little bit more geared for girls than guys, but they have some really kickin' sh*t for both sides of the street. 

The jeans here are the best merchandise, well varied, worn in, and priced about the same as the other two places (250-300Kc), but once again afflicted with the Fat Albert virus. They also have sweaters which are worth wearing, jackets in inconsistent but quality supply, and plenty of eyebrow raising (and use your imagination) skirts for the girls.

These are, of course, not the only places to find good gear in the city, but are worth visiting if you want quality clothes and second-hand prices, without having to shift through kilos of moo-moos and grandpa get-ups.

The Prague Thrift Store

By far our favourite, simply for the fact that they have two locations, sell more than clothing, and get their inventories from donations from the local expats as they typically move on to greener pastures. Lots of good western sized clothes, all in great quality, at affordable prices and tons of discount days and promos makes The Prague Thrift Store a special place.

They opened up originally a couple years back near Náměstí Míru metro, and recently moved closer to the metro, to Budečská 893/13. Their bigger store, across the river in the Holešovice entryway, at Dukelských Hrdinů 21 has of course a way bigger inventory, but the selection is great at both shops.

They have pretty much everything you could need, from Women's clothing, Men's clothing, Children's Clothing and Costumes, many top brand names from around the world. Footwear too, all in great condition and at very affordable prices! Bags, bags and more bags, from women's handbags to duffle bags, sporting bags and travel luggage, if you need to carry something, odds are they've got just the perfect bag for you!

If you're making babies, they have baby equipment and a huge inventory of gear to keep 'em growing right; from Car Seats to Linens, Bottles, Cribs, Cots, Prams, Beds, Carriers Furniture, High Chairs, Stair Gates, Playpens, and a story full of toys. Books, CDs and DVD in English, German, French, Russian and Czech all neatly organised for quick browsing. Lots of electronics and computers, plus cables for must any device.

The friendly service as well makes it well worth a visit, tell them Think sent ya!

Second hand - Šatna

If you're around the Old Town, there's a really nice little shop in the tiny road Konviktská 13, Second hand - Šatna. Last time I was in there, there were a lot jackets that had the early eighties break dance appeal, all reasonably priced around 450 to 600 crowns, as well as two racks of jeans, for men and women, each pair running about 250Kc. 

They also have a good stock of the unusual, such as tight, neon green, fake snakeskin pants (around 300Kc), which gave me the first and last reason to ever want to be a woman. I mean damn! This is definitely a place of equal opportunity for both genders; very fly sh*t at very good prices. 

The list above is three of our favourite second hand shops in Prague, but there are of course, many many more.

Below find a partial list of some of the others, (descriptions are in Czech however, learn it or google it!)

Praha 1

- Eterno Moderno: Benediktská 4 - vedle kadeřnictví
- Módní kouč: Revoluční 20
- J&M levná móda: Dlouhá 38
- Textile House: Charvátova 11, Myslíkova 3 a mnoho dalších míst
- K.Oukey: Karoliny Světlé 10 a Perlová 8 
- Toalette: Karolíny Světlé 9 - vintage second hand a nové alterna modýlky
- Šatna: Konviktská
- Quasimodo: Národní třída 37 - Pasáž Platýz
- MXT: Opatovická - vedle Velryby
- Druha Vlna: Palackého
- Mish.Mash: Řeznická 12
- Sue Ryder: Štěpánská ulice 53 - charita

Praha 2

- Praha Thrift Store: Budečská 893/13 - také věci do domácnosti
- Mint: Mánesova / U Kanálky 5
- Sue Ryder: Italská 23 a Ke Karlovu 1953/10- charita
- Second Hand Korunka: Korunní 33
- KusKus 2nd Fashion: Bělehradská 35
Second Hand London Street: Ječná 37
- Zimos Boutique second hand: Francouzská 592/7 - mix sekáče a nových věcí
- Molo Bazar: Vinohradská 111 - ve dvoře
- Fifty Fifty Secondhand Shop: Slezská 28
- Exklusive Second Hand: Bělehradská 671/73
- Druha Vlna: Nitranská 1012/26
- Crashily: Ječná 14 120 00 Praha 2

Praha 3

Paráda z druhé ruky: Lipanská 310/12
- Bohemian Retro: Chvalova 8  
- Le Boudoir: Cimburkova

Praha 4

- Ujetá Číča: Korunní 1295/55
- Textil House: Arkalycká 757 a Nuselská 132/499 a V Horkách 3
- Sue Ryder: Michelská 1/7 - charita
- Second Hand Land: Branická 141

Praha 5
Textil House: Makovského 1392/2b  OC Řepy
- Los Hadros: Lidická 335/26 a Újezd 13 značkový second & outlet
- Můjsekáč: Kotevní 776 - roh s Nádražní, tram. stanice „Plzeňka“
- Anglicky Secondhand Hrabarna: Na Knížecí, v tržnici - Anglický secondhand, hrabárna; vysoká kvalita, nízká cena; je to přesně zde:

Praha 6

- Sue Ryder: Koulova ul. č 2 - charita
- Mařáková - dospělé - second hand
- Second Hand Swiss: Kralupská 2/47
- Bazárek - rej věcí: Uralská 6

Praha 7

- Praha Thrift Store: Dukelských hrdinů 21 - pobočka Thrift store (také věci do domácnosti)
- Sue Ryder: Heřmanova 59 - obchod
Second Hand WOOW: Komunardů 1154/38
- Dětský výběrový secondhand: Osadní, roh s Tusarovou
Textil House: Dukelských hrdinů 563/24 
- FSHNRMX: U letenského sadu 1294/6
- Můj sekáč - Holešovická tržnice - celkem levnej, hrabárna, hala č.17

Praha 8

Dětský second hand Violetka: Na Stráži 3
- Textil House: Sokolovská 54
- Bobiny: Prvního pluku 172/6  
- JakoTy Second Hand: Sokolovská 222/39
- Hadroom:  Křižíkova 264/22

Praha 9

- Second Hand U Veverek: Přírodní park Klánovice-Čihadla, Staroklánovická 291
- Second Hand Market: Sokolovská - u metra B Vysočanská

Praha 10

Mimi Bazar: Průběžná 28
Second hand Průběžná: Průběžná 1174/28 - hned naproti stanici tram Nádraží Strašnice
- Outlet Second Fashion: Starostrašnická 135/40
- Fox's Secondhand Outlet: Vršovická 38 - výběrový rodinný second hand

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