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A long time ago, you saw these movies. You can see them again without travelling to a galaxy far, far away...

Who says we can't act like children - or pretend to be - if only for a few hours? End your year with one of these ol' school movies to make you feel young again, even if they only stop the ageing process while you are watching them…

Spiderman / Some of us may have grown up reading about this super hero in the comic books; finally, he has come to life together with all of the characters we love. Fans won't be disappointed with this movie, for it sticks to the comic nicely. Those who aren't familiar with Spider-Man will have something to look forward to as this classic super hero saves New York City from the infamous Green Goblin. If you like this film, check out X-Men, another movie adapted from the comics.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones / Ain't nobody hasn't heard of Star Wars, and Attack of the Clones is the second in the prequel. It's almost like watching the very first ones (which are in actuality the fourth, fifth and sixth ones). If you can withstand the script, the movie is actually good, once you are in the mood. Yoda's light-saber battle kicks ass!

Ice Age. Shrek and Monsters, Inc. / The new computer animation these three movies are the best yet! Monsters, Inc. will have you quoting lines to your co-workers like a three-year-old child. Shrek is a contemporary, silly fairy tale. Ice Age is just like the cartoons you watched as a child. Nothing like these three animated films can make you feel young again. And if you liked these, there are more: Toy Story (1 and 2), Antz and A Bug's Life. All are computer-animated and bring a smile on your face.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring / Whenever you're feeling down and stressed-out by adult life, pop in the video and pull yourself into a magical world with Hobbits, Elves, and evil dark Lords. The Fellowship Of The Ring is amazing, and though it goes on for three hours, you still can't get enough of it. Unfortunately it leaves one wondering what will happen in the next film, Twin Towers, which opens this month. While you wait, content yourself with Willow and The Never Ending Story if you like this film.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Reading the book makes you feel young again. Reading all the books does. Watch Harry Potter at his first year at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, making friends and fighting giant trolls. The special effects may not be the best, but you still wish you were born in a wizard family. Catch The Sorcerer's Stone on a cold winter's day. There is nothing like Harry Potter to give you the motivation to go back to school!

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial / The movie we all loved. A special edition has just come out making all of us who watched this fantastic movie as a kid want to see it again. Remember when you were a child and you found an alien? Well, now you can relive the memory with E.T.. There is nothing out there quite like the enhanced 20th anniversary edition.

Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers / The Lord of the Rings series' second installment is a reminder that movies this cool fit into their own category – the only real criticism anyone can muster about the series is that you have to wait a year to see the next one. The Two Towers is no exception: the film portrays the defense of Rohan, a nation of horse masters which represents one of the last "free" human kingdoms in Middle Earth, against the ethnic cleansing efforts of the evil wizard Sauruman (Christopher Lee) and his army of scary-looking Uruk-Hai.

A rather simple plot, you might argue, for a three- hour film, and you'd be right ... the majority of the movie is spent on nothing other than good old-fashioned ass kicking. But of course there are slower moments, subplots such as the darker side of Aragorn's (Viggo Mortensen) relationship with Arwen (Liv Tyler), and especially Frodo Baggins' (Elijah Wood) growing heroin addict-style ring fever, every scene of which is stolen by the computer-animated Gollum (Andy Sirkis), a creature with even bigger puppy-dog eyes than Wood – which is a good thing. Even with these precious breathers, you'll still crawl out of the theater physically exhausted... it's that intense. (Review by Mick Swiney)