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Sex, like music, has many styles and forms. It can be good, bad, average, bizzare, adventurous and just plain unexplainable. With this in mind, here is one deejay's insight into the steamiest bedroom beats.

First off let there be no mistake made about why a song or a style of music works during those intimate encounters.

The answer has very little to do with the tempo and a lot to do with the frequencies used in the recording.

Yes, the frequencies.

The little knobs you see djs constantly turning control the equalization settings of each track played , allowing the dj to manipulate the frequencies, to add or cut the low, mid and high ranges of each song. Their proper use is what can cause an empty dance floor to gradually fill. Frequencies are what makes your body tingle as your head begins to nod and your feet start to tap.

Frequencies induce sex!

So, what works best? Well it's like this. First you need bass, lots and lots of bass. Deep, round, mushy-gushy, touchy-feely bass. Examples of good bass are live stand-up basses or the sound of a vintage Fender bass guitar. There is also the bad: electronic basses, things that sound metallic and kettle drums.

Second, you need a well-toned and almost hollowed-out mid range. Examples of good mid range sounds are real pianos, hollow-body guitars and string arrangements. Bad: distorted guitars and screeching vocals.

Third, cut the highs to a minimum. High frequencies agitate and will probably can kill the mood. So no wispy high hats and loud cymbal crashes. Choose songs with almost no highs.

The next consideration is not what to listen to but when to listen to certain styles, so here is a guide to lead you through a 24- hour period of Iovin'.

Caution: Be sure to stay away from hard styles like techno, heavy metal and industrial unless you don't like the person you are with, or want to practice your sexual aggression. Finally, be sure to stay away from most forms of Jazz as it is too complicated and can distract you from the tasks at hand.

There you go. Now get busy!

- www.chriscagsmusic.com