Why we started Think Magazine
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Many of you are wondering by now who we are and what we're trying to do here with this publication, but the truth is, we only started doing it because there was a real dearth of fun things to read, in English, in Prague. True story.

But that doesn't mean that there wasn't anything going on; quite the contrary, Prague is always buzzing with new energy and excitement.

Which brings us to our second reason for publishing; to get the word out and provide a forum for the community, to allow people to share ideas, concepts, info or any ol' crazy thing bouncing about their cranium.

As a wise man once said to me:

"Listen and you will hear the drums of a new tribe as they bring the time of change upon us. There is an awareness rising amongst us that marks the beginning of a great evolution in the spirit of man. It is about a freedom that rises beyond the consumption, the fear, the drugs and the money that is trying to define our world for us.

It is a profound understanding of this freedom that will usher in a peace the world seems to lack. I am encountering more people than ever before that are concerned with just being, and in that, which parts of it they can share with the rest of the world. As I watch these ideas spread, I see the reality of a single tribe draw near."

In a way I hoped he wasn't just the drunk old wino he appeared to be, stumbling on his way in a back alley in the Mission District of San Francisco, but a real visionary. 

Be a hero, Think!

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