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After twenty years of publishing in three countries on two continents, the look, but not the feel, has changed a bit.

Think in Prague was the first version of Think on the internet and has been in print and online for twenty years now, and began publishing after IBM ceased publication of theirs during the crisis years of the 1990s. Our edition of Think is now the oldest and longest running active version of publication, even though many other publishers are now using our name around the world.

The very first Think logo, below, used on Think Prague issues 1 through 22 (download issue 1 here), was based on a custom made graffiti tag I had done for an advertisement for Think Skateboards in San Francisco before moving to Prague. It was used in the advert copy, not as their logo, so I thought it was cool enough to create a 3-D version of to use when we launched Think in Prague.

Starting with issue 23 of Think Magazine Prague, the millennium was coming up and we felt the previous logo was too early nineties, so I created a more updated version of the 3-D logo. This would be the last fully 3-D version of the logo, and was used until issue 36, when it was recreated as a parady logo, for Drink Magazine.

Starting with issue 37, right before the IMF/World Bank Congress in Prague, I wanted to create something 'more accessible' to our audience which was evolving into a more affluent customer base. Reading the International Herald Tribune one morning breakfast at Bohemia Bagels, I saw a full page advert which had a big headline that included the word 'think' in a cursive script. I tore it out, scanned it, cleaned it up and converted it into a vector file. This was our longest running logo, and was also used extensively in Think Singapore, until issue 22. As such, it is now reappointed as our main, official, logotype in our 20th year.

From issue 23 onwards until the last edition of Think Singapore, a new logo type was used that was bolder and more trendy. Based upon a scan of the wrapper of an obscure Turkish candybar I bought in Malaysia, (called Tink), I digitised it, cleaned it up and turned the n into an h to make Think.

With the launch of Think Budapest in 2010, I decided to create a new logotype just for this publication instead of reusing the previous one, which was more suitable for Singapore than Eastern Europe. Twelve issues of Think bore this logotype.

After going to Asia with Keith, Think was left in the hands of some good friends who kept the Think spirit alive while we were gone. They changed the logo a couple times without our approval, so they are not included here, except the final approved one which was used the longest during the heydays of Think Again.

It was called such, because while we were gone, enough people were complaining "This isn't Think!", that they decided to rename it... supposedly in honour of the fact that this indeed wasn't the same Think. Think Again ceased publishing but will live on in the pages of Think.cz as we continue to upgrade the archives.

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