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Lot's of serious people trouble themselves with questions like, 'What's going on with Think?," and "What's the story with Hele?"

Hele is the name of the Czech half of the Think family, and will be identified with the less jocular and more trendy aspects of our work. Think will remain as ever irreverent and concerned with the daily to-do of time management and planning. Helping you get from A to B, or disregarding them both, helping you avoid all the hip, trendy things that stand in the way of real culture.

Arrogant on the one hand, assuming some authority about the mean streets, and the overpriced boutiques, we will still rub our stomachs and the top of our heads in opposite directions.

Hele, the fashion and empowerment wing will push buttons in the sense that you will find it hard to put down as well as forget all the poignant commentary and practical tips.

Hele aspires to see its readers far away from the television set, as well as the status quo. The new magazine is about experience, whether it be in an aeroplane, or staring out from a mountaintop. It's about getting there, busting loose from the naysayers, who would laugh at your wildest dream. It's about pulse and motion, truth and beauty, not necessarily in that order.

We all know that the sh*t is going down, and that we feel powerless to make the changes necessary to gain some reign on our fatalism. The magazine will not be able to return to you your divine freedom, of course, but with all due respects, it may just signify that, despite it's commercial nature and color pages, someone else is not accepting the garden variety BS that disguises itself as communications but as simply just a pulpit for getting you warmed up for the next Leslie Nielson movie.

The definition of hope is when you laugh in the face of tragedy, and still keep trying to work for a vision of a livable and respectful humanity. The sun, here it comes again, friend or foe?

- Photo by Jeffree Benet

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