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Think readers are free-thinking individuals, open to new ideas and willing to pay for a quality product or service. Your ad dollars won't be wasted on a closed minded customer.

We've been publishing for almost over two decades, and this stability has created a comfortable relationship between the magazine and our readers. They trust us. This trust is shared with you the advertiser, which is critical when you are trying to build a name or create an image.

Our readers feel that if you're doing business with us, you must be all right. So save money, enhance your image and be a leader among your competitors, choose Think Magazine.

Think Magazine is a general interest publication covering a variety of interesting subjects, with a history of publishing in Prague, Budapest and Singapore.

Founded in 1996, Think is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to visit, work or live in Czechia. Think exists to acquaint our readers with businesses like yours. We have received many complimentary emails from expats and local visitors to our site. And our advertisers receive clickthroughs, referrals and responses that are above the industry's norms for their advertisements.

Think Magazine is a unique answer to your advertising needs as it is a website: we continually update our information, often publishing multiple articles a day, which ensures repeat visits and bookmarking by readers. Unlike traditional advertising, web advertising appears in places sought out by the visitor.

Think Magazine provides a cost effective way to reach a select demographic: expatriates who are highly educated, high income earners, savvy consumers, and who need to know more about your products and services. We currently have about 14,000 page-views each month, with about 6,500 unique visitors. That's because our site is so rich in up-to-date articles and information and growing all the time.

(What is Think Magazine?)

Banner Advertising:

Banner ads are the premium unit of advertisements on the web. Each page has banner ads to the right side of the content. We have adopted three of the most common industry sizes for each banner. This not only enables us to accept international advertisements but also allow our advertisers to use their banners internationally. Our specifications and rates are summarised below.

Pixel sizes are used because different size monitors will display the advertisements differently. The maximum file size specifies the upper limit of the banner; too large a file means that visitors will take a longer time to load a page.

We have experience in knowing how to design a banner that meets your requirements: be it brand or product awareness, information, or transaction. Our advertisers all have above average response rates. We can post static, flash or video banners of your choice.

The prices listed are per month:

350x250 pixel banner advert to right of content - €50
350x100 pixel banner advert to right of content - €35
250x250 pixel banner in article - €75

Advertorials and Sponsored Advertising

Advertorials or Sponsored Articles are other great ways for you to further differentiate your business from the competition. An Advertorial promotes your product or service, while a Sponsored Article does not mention your product or service and is more objective. Should you wish it, your logo appears at the top or bottom of the write-up. Cost for permenant placement of one A4-size page of text and photos is €60. (Sponsored article posts also post to our Facebook & Twitter followers, and appears on our front page feed). We can also write the post for you for an additional fee.

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Source: Google Analytics (Jan. 17, 2017)Source: Google Analytics (Jan. 17, 2017)

Source: Google Analytics (Jan. 17, 2017)Source: Google Analytics (Jan. 17, 2017)

Source: Statcounter (Jan. 17, 2017)Source: Statcounter (Jan. 17, 2017)