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Think Magazine is an Entertainment Information Periodical established in Prague, c. 1996 by a team of visionaries dissatisfied with the current state of the free press market. Those creative minds believed that it's important for a FREE magazine to look at the lighter side of life. And at the same time provide the reader with the most comprehensive and useful resource guides and listings pertinent to those aspects of our lives that we hold important. That is, having fun, relaxing, participating, laughing, informing, thinking. We make no apologies for the Entertainment and Information herein because it's intended as just that. Our publication is by no means intended to be political or controversial, unless you think it is, then yeah, we are working hard, helping to advance the insidious liberal agenda. Whatever you want to think, this magazine is a celebration of life and love, so, enjoy! (read about the founding of Think here)

Last Dude To Blame
Jeffree Benet

Partners who participated in the madness
Jay King, Francis Pruett, Attila Szvacsek, Tere Krejcirova,
Alvin Lim, Sion Scott-Wilson

Think Magazine's Co-Founding Partners in Crime
Keith Kirchner - Jeffree Benet

Editors Emeritus
Alexander Zaitchik | Michael Kyselka | Jarka Fričková | Darren Ho

Chief Agitators
Karl Rotstan | Darren Halls | Mark Saito

The ThinkAgain Team
Publisher Katerina Quirenzova | CEO Mervyn Murray | Editor at Large Gordon Walker | Associate Editor Orli Sharaby | Visual Direction Tomáš Doležal


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Publisher: Jeffree Benet

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Control Me.
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Sleeping rough in Prague
Alexander Zaitchik Painting by Alexandr Onishenko (Galerie Jakubská)

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Pains, Strains and Author Bar Bills
Angus Matthews Art: Búsuló legény by László Mednyánszky

"Good evening barman."

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Get smart, at the University of New York/Prague!
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