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What kind of friend are you? Are you too nasty, too nice, or somewhere in the middle?

Take this quiz to find out.

1. You notice your friend looks tired. You say:

□ (A) "You look like shit. Did you look in the mirror today?"
□ (B) "What's going on? How are you?"
□ (C) "You're tired. Take a nap, lay your head on my lap and I'll guard your stuff."

2. You don't like your friend's partner. When your friend asks the dreaded question, 'What do you think?' you say:

□ (A) "I'm sure he has some good qualities."
□ (B) "I miss spending time with you and I hope he deserve you."
□ (C) "He sucks! What an asshole! What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

3. Your friend has just moved into a new apartment that you think is terrible. When you finally come around to seeing it, you say:

□ (A) "It suits you."
□ (B) "Wanna go to IKEA this weekend?"
□ (C) "I love 'ghetto'; it's so in!"

4. You show up to your friend's birthday party:

□ (A) Late, because they probably won't have time to talk to you anyway.
□ (B) Right on time. You know how nerve racking it is waiting for things to start.
□ (C) An hour early with extra toilet paper and plastic cups.

5. If you were busy but your friend called and asked to be saved from an unexpected situation, you would:

□ (A) Promise to show up eventually and remind her that she owes you.
□ (B) Send a different friend who is closer to the situation and a good "stand-in".
□ (C) Leave immediately, even if it means getting fired from work.

6. Is it OK to date your friend's ex?

□ (A) Yes, why not? It's her ex, not current.
□ (B) Yes, but only if I ask first and they were never, "I love you serious" and we might be.
□ (C) No, never I would prefer to stay celibate for the rest of my life.

7. What do you do when a friend tells you a secret?:

□ (A) Wait for the opportune moment to use it against them.
□ (B) Tell them a secret in return to alleviate their possible embarrassment. [Compare your secrets with theirs.]
□ (C) Take it to an early grave after worrying about it for your friend.

8. When someone bad mouths your friend, you:

□ (A) Agree with them and give them new material then tell them all about it afterwards.
□ (B) Not get involved but tell them if it was something they really needed to know.
□ (C) Defend their honor if they are honorable, make an excuse if they are excusable, ignore the whole conversation if they are neither.

9. When your friend tells you they have broken up with Mr. or Mrs. Wrong. You say:

□ (A) "Told ya so."
□ (B) "Let me call the rest of the gang and we'll meet up tonight."
□ (C) Nothing, you just listen.

10. Your friend is having an important business lunch but you really need to talk to them. You:

□ (A) Show up at the restaurant belligerent insult everyone and dominate the table until you have your friend to yourself.
□ (B) Call your friend and ask when is the soonest they can meet you.
□ (C) Wait until the following day when they are not so busy

1 point for every A
2 points for every B
3 points for every C

10-16: You are driving the wrong direction down a one way. And your friends are silently screaming as you head into traffic. Others may swerve to miss you because no one is really sure which way you are going. You are a mean and nasty piece of work. Stop now before you are stuck celebrating your birthday alone. Ease up on the unnecessary criticism and accept your friend as they are even if they have bad taste. Friendship is a two way street move on if you cannot cope with this. Remember you are not so rich and powerful to treat your friends so badly. A compliment once in a while would not go amiss.

17-23: You are going in the right direction but sometimes you hesitate and wonder if you are lost but confident that your friends will give you directions all you have to do is ask. Don't take your navigators for granted. You are willing to stand up for your friends but limited to only how far they will go for you. Don't be afraid to let your friend know how you feel you may be able to form even deeper friendships based on trust. Let loose once a while and let someone else drive.

24-30: Stop, you are on the shoulder of the road and it's uncomfortable for everyone. You are a great friend, it is wonder you have time for anything else. Remember not to go too far in solving other people problem's, take some time out to look after yourself. Be there for them but don't get too involved that you end up being taken advantage of. You deserve to be treated just as well as you treat others. It is OK to give a friend a lift every one in a while but be careful that you don't become their on call taxi driver.