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December holidays beckoning you to Asia? Follow the Silk Road to the best nightclub in a tropical paradise those in the know know as Bintan. Darren Halls fell in love with the place and tells you why…

Not too long ago, many of us in the media were invited to the only party club on the island, to party the night away with many of our old friends, as well as to make new ones.

Without a hesitation in my mind, I packed for a night of fun. The ferry was a very short fifty-five minutes from Singapore's Tanah Merah terminal, then an equally short island bus, The Silk Route, to the resort.

Dinner on the terrace was eventful, with the romantic candles lighting the place up, and a buffet that will salivate any palate, you will not want for any other choice. With selected foods from England, Indonesia, as well other places in and around Asia, it was a feast of kings.

Lester, Justin, myself, and the others tucked in heartily without a thought, with plates piled high, and feasted royally. Just the ticket for a night of partying!

A previous visit to Silk was a venture into the unknown for us all, so it was with great interest that we were all once again invited to join in with the crew from Bintan Lagoon Resorts to welcome Robert Ramey; the new General Manager.

The club itself has had some time to get to grips with the party crowd since the last time I was there. There was a much more efficient service level, and the crew of Silk had now settled in to their roles.

The barmen were showcasing their flair skills, and I have to say, they have also greatly improved them, not so many bottles dropped this time. The Flaming Lamborghinis are among the best that I have seen, with enough flame to warrant a fire extinguisher.

Okay, the entertainment had also greatly improved. The new house band, I have to say, were much more in tune both vocally as well as with the crowds mood.

Then it was time for GROOVE, not time to groove… Groove are a troupe of super-sexy dancers from Singapore who danced to the sounds of Fever by Ella Fitzgerald and Beyonce’s Naughty Girl.

WOW is all I can say.

After all that, it was time to get in to party mode and see in the wee small hours. Justin was our resident photographer; Robert Ramey and Rachael Grier were our hosts; Selena Oh and the rest of the Team all made it happen. This was a night to remember, guests like Christina Liang, Thor Holt and the Teo sisters, Vivienne and Elsie, this was a night to remember.

- General information on Bintan Lagoon Resort: Bintan Lagoon Resort sprawls over 300 hectares of beachfront gardens in the tropical paradise of Bintan, a 55-minute ferry ride from Singapore, Bintan Lagoon Resort is positioned as the premier tropical lifestyle destination for leisure, golf and MICE activities. The Resort boasts 416 contemporary rooms and suites, and 57 villas complemented by an impressive range of 12 dining options and seven function rooms. It is world renowned for its two 18-hole golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Ian Baker-Finch in addition to wide-ranging sea sports and land activities including a spa center.